Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tom Kenyon at Third International Sound Healing Conference: Sound of the Nagual

Tom Kenyon will be presenting both a keynote and a workshop at the Third International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, November 14-18, 2008.

Tom Kenyon received his undergraduate degree in Communications and Speech and his Masters in Psychological Counseling. His post-graduate training is in Ericksonian Medical Hypnosis, Neuro Linquistic Programming and Whole Brain Learning.

Recognizing the power of sound, Tom began to compose music to deepen hypnotic states of awareness. As a result of his ten-year journey into Acoustic Brain Research he is considered a pioneer in the field of psychoacoustics—the scientific application of sound and music to affect the brain and psychological process.

Tom is the creator of over thirty psychoacoustic recordings that are used by clinicians and laypersons throughout the world. He is the author of several books and numerous articles and is an internationally acclaimed teacher and sound healer.

Tom's keynote is titled "Sound of the Nagual: The Use of Sound in Shamanic Healing" on Sunday, November 16.

In this program, Tom will discuss how sound is used in shamanic healing and journeying—particularly, how shamans use vocalization and indigenous instruments to alter perception. Through the lens of EEG studies and other research, he will explore how shamanic sound work shifts brain activity leading to profound altered states of consciousness.

Using this scientific platform as a foundation, Tom will talk about the phenomena that take place during shamanic states of awareness. Specifically, he will look at how sound alters brain activity affecting both physiology and perception. It is Tom's conviction that shamanic sound patterns alter the perception of time, and it is this alteration of perceived time that opens the doorway into shamanic states of awareness. He also believes shamanic sound work alters physiology in profound ways.

This is a multi-media and multi-cultural experience as Tom explores shamanic healing from many different perspectives-including those of psychoacoustics, neuropsychology, transpersonal psychology, comparative anthropology and ethnomusicology. The program will end with a live presentation of shamanic healing using a shamanic drum and Tom's nearly four-octave range voice.

Tom is also giving a workshop "The Portal: An Experience in Shamanic Sound Work" on Sunday, November 16.

In this program, Tom takes you into the world of shamanic sound work. This is a highly experiential event in which you can enter directly into the mysteries of the shamanic state. We will explore these states through the language of science and comparative shamanism. We will also look at how different shamanic traditions work with sound as a 'portal into the other worlds' and how this type of sound work alters brain activity. We will discuss and demonstrate the use of sound-codes in shamanic healing, allowing you to explore their mind-altering effects.

The idea of 'other worlds' from both the shamanic and transpersonal psychological perspectives will also be explored. This provides an intellectual approach that allows you to more easily enter into the shamanic experience-whether you believe the content of such experiences is real or symbolic.
In the last portion of this program, you are guided into a complete shamanic healing journey.

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Other esteemed presenters at the conference include David Hykes, Jill Purce, Richard Rudis, Don Campbell, Christine Stevens, Chris James, Kim Atkinson, Joel Andrews, Donna Carey, Fabien Maman, Onye Onyemaechi, John & Annaliese Reid, Sue Raimond and many, many others.

"Master Charles Cannon wanted me to let you know how appreciative he is of your professional excellence and attentiveness to detail during his participation in the conference. He noted the flawless organization and management. In conclusion, he said that of all such conferences he has participated in over many years, this was by far the best." - Alan Scherr

"It's my honor to be here. We have come a long way. This conference is so unique." - Don Campbell, author, The Mozart Effect

For more information, visit the Third International Sound Healing Conference.


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