Thursday, March 20, 2008

Richard Moss at Science and Consciousness Conference: "The Journey from self to Self"

Richard Moss will be presenting both a keynote address and a workshop at the Tenth International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, March 28 - April 2, 2008.

Richard Moss, MD is an international spiritual teacher and visionary thinker. He has guided students from all over the world into increasing spiritual maturity, helping people of many disciplines and backgrounds to honor their own essential spirituality and become more authentically and fully human. His work has inspired changes of consciousness in healthcare, business and teaching organizations. The teachings of Richard are a contemporary psychology of consciousness, that stands squarely in the lineage of the great wisdom traditions. He is the author of "The I That is We," "How Shall I Live," "The Second Miracle," "The Mandala of Being" and others.

Richard's keynote address on Monday, March 31 is "Conscious Evolution: The Journey from self to Self." Within each of us there are three fundamental levels of soul power. Most of us use only two, even when we have achieved the highest diplomas through conventional secular and religious education. The third, which is essential to true wisdom, remains more or less dormant. This is a discussion of how that third potential awakens, the power it bestows, and the wisdom path we can then begin to live.

Richard will also be offering on Monday a workshop titled "The Mandala Approach: A Powerful Tool for Healing and Self-Knowledge and Healing." Mandalas are symbolic tools for understanding and reconciling the dualistic nature of mind. In this experiential workshop, with demonstrations using audience volunteers, Richard teaches his Mandala of Being. He shows how we lose connection to our true selves by constantly fleeing the Now into thoughts that create our psychological world of past, future, subject (me), object (you). This lack of presence results in predictable emotional suffering: fearfulness, anger, guilt, depressiveness, and grandiosity. Learning to return to the Now invites our higher emotional functions, such as gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and humility to arise spontaneously.

Special note: Richard will be a guest on Andrea Adler's internet radio show next week. It will air Monday night, March 24th at 9:00 pm ET, 7:00pm MT, and 6:00pm PT. The topic for March 24th will be: "The Business of Consciousness." Her guests will be Dr. Richard Moss and Lynda Leonard, program director for The Message Company. Andrea's show, "Marketing as a Spiritual Path," introduces a broad range of interviews, discussions and insights as to how we can bring holistic / spiritual methodologies into our lives and into our businesses; how we can create an outreach that has integrity–while being profitable and sustainable. Find the show at:

Richard's website:

Other esteemed presenters at the conference include Guy Finley, Angela Browne-Miller, Steven Greer, Richard Moss, Olga Kharitidi, Peter Russell, Leonard Shlain, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Rupert Sheldrake, Hank Wesselman and many others.

"This conference has been a wonderful experience for me. I can't recall a single conference where I went to more sessions and stayed longer in my life. The Message Company has gone to great trouble in assembling quite remarkable human beings." – Don Beck, PhD, author, Spiral Dynamics

"I am asked to present at a wide variety of conferences throughout the world and I usually stay to hear what other presenters have to say. I must say that of them all, I look forward the most to the Science and Consciousness Conference because it has the highest quality of interesting speakers that bring an expertise to their presentations that is most stimulating. I always learn something new and amazing with which to regale my friends when I return home." – Leonard Shlain, MD, author, The Alphabet vs. the Goddess

For more information, visit the International Conference on Science and Consciousness.


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