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Nikolay Oorzhak & Vladislav Matrenitsky at Third International Sound Healing Conference

Nikolay Oorzhak & Vladislav Matrenitsky will be presenting three extraordinary events at the Third International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, November 14-18, 2008.

Nikolay Oorzhak is a shaman from Tuva in southern Siberia, a virtuoso of throat singing, a healer, musician and recording artist. He is ex-Chairman of Tuvan shaman society Tos-Deer and has been a participant in several International Shamanic Congresses. He has years of healing practice at Central Shamanic Clinic in Tuva, where he completed his research work "Shamanic Practice in Combination with Healing Sound." While in India celebrating His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 60th birthday, he received the Dalai Lama's blessing for his healing work.

Nikolay acquired first prize at the First International Festival of Throat-Singing in Tuva. He is cofounder of ensembles "Tuva" and "Ertinelig Tuva." Nikolay expressed unique talent for jazz improvisation and has actually developed a new direction in ethno-jazz: "khoomei-jazz." He has five CDs to his credit and is author of Un-Hun System of Sound Healing, a rejuvenation and spiritual development based on ancient shamanic tradition of throat singing.

Vladislav Matrenitsky, MD, PhD is from Kiev, Ukraine, graduated from Odessa State Medical University, and was Senior Researcher of the Institute of Gerontology at the Academy of Medical Science of the USSR. His PhD was on the physiology and biochemistry of aging. Vladislav is a member of the International Scientific and Medical Network. He is an overtone and throat singer, recording artist and founder of Aum Center for Human Development that explores the ancient and modern sound technologies for spiritual development and healing. Vladislav is a disciple of Nikolay Oorzhak, doing research on the effectiveness of the Un-Hun System on health and longevity. Currently, Dr. Matrenitsky is his co-performer, manager and translator.

First, they're conducting a pre-Conference all-day retreat "Un-Hun: The Shamanic Throat Singing System for Healing and Personal Development" on Friday, November 14.

Un-Hun (the Sound of Sun) is a powerful sound-based system, developed by Nikolay Oorzhak through decades of his personal experience. It is based on Tuvan shamanic tradition and adapted for the western world by his disciple Dr. Vladislav Matrenitsky.

Through the practice of overtone sounds, one can find the basis for healthy and spiritual living. The Sound, being transformed into energy, spans the space of mind and creates the preconditions of initial contact with Spirit of Highest Power. Learn the basic sounds of Khoomei (throat singing), Kargyraa (roar) and Sygyt (whistle). They're used to activate the primordial power of human Soul and arouse the sources of life energy, enabling one to perceive and operate the sounds on thin levels. Activation of these sources (whirls of energy) lead to restoration of energy in associated body organs, particularly in pelvis area.

Nikolay and Vladislav also give a technique for developing resonance of nose and vocal cords, which harmonize and strengthen the voice, and exercises for restoration of balance of body and spirit. This program is a combination of lecture, sound healing demonstration, exercises, singing, discussion and question and answer.

Second, the two are giving a workshop "The Healing Power of Throat Overtone Sounds in Tuvan Shamanic Tradition" on Monday, November 17.

You will be introduced to the sound philosophy of Tuvan shamans and how it is interpreted by modern science. You will learn the shamanic views on human energy, Power of Spirit, Earth and Universe and how 'explosions' in consciousness lead to loss of balance in the body and development of diseases. The different styles of throat singing are introduced and their role in healing and self-development are explained. You'll see the importance of breathing and movement exercises in creating energy for sound. This program helps to improve energy movement in the body and lets you feel the power of your shamanic instrument –- the Voice.

And third, they're presenting an evening event "The Soul of Sound: A Voice Healing Ceremony Based on Tuvan Shamanic Throat Singing" on Tuesday, November 18.

We shall delve into the unique heritage of the South Siberian steppes and taiga –- throat or overtone singing. It is an ancient technique that allows a singer to produce simultaneously two or more musical sounds from their mouth. Admirers of ethnic and meditative music will have unforgettable impressions. We'll practice a wide range of sounds including a bird's warble to a yak's roar, which it would seem a man could not produce.

For centuries, Tuvan shamans have used this technique for immersing into altered states of consciousness and healing their patients. Accompanied by native Tuvan instruments, tungur (tambourine), igil (kind of violin) and homus (vargan), the ancient and modern shamanic songs create a deeply relaxing and meditative atmosphere giving the audience a chance to touch a real sacred art.

Nikolay's website:

Other esteemed presenters at the conference include David Hykes, Jill Purce, Tom Kenyon, Don Campbell, Christine Stevens, Chris James, Kim Atkinson, Joel Andrews, Donna Carey, Fabien Maman, Onye Onyemaechi, John & Annaliese Reid, Sue Raimond and many, many others.

"I'd like to thank The Message Company for this extraordinary conference which is a milestone. It's really put sound healing on the map." - Jill Purce, author, The Healing Voice

"We are making history. We started thirty years ago trusting deeply, believing in the power of music and sound to transform the world and harmonize society. So we are all here. We will never forget about this conference but we will know later why. This is history." - Silvia Nakkach, author, Music and the Human Process

For more information, visit the Third International Sound Healing Conference.


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