Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chris James at Third International Sound Healing Conference: Songs From the Inner Heart

Chris James will be presenting both a keynote and a workshop at the Third International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, November 14-18, 2008.

Chris James is a pioneer of Voice and Sound. His expertise is in the energetic qualities and effects of healing sound, song and meditation. A singer, musician, martial artist, monk and voice therapist, his CDs are played in prenatal courses, birthing suites, doctors' surgeries, hospital emergency wards, hospices and medical clinics. Chris founded The International School of Sacred Sound, The Sound Foundation charity and is patron of the UK College of Sound Healing. He is renowned for his ability to unite audiences of thousands in song and also facilitate intimate groups.

Chris' keynote is titled "Songs From the Inner Heart" on Tuesday, November 18.

Imagine if we TRULY loved the sound of our own voice. Over time we have shut down our listening because there is so much that we don't want to hear. When the imposed mind is bypassed we can connect to that part of ourselves that CAN hear and DOES sing in tune - the part of us that is truly free.

Chris facilitates your journey moving from the gentle breath meditation into stillness from where tone is formed. Everyone's voices emanate harmoniously merging into one connected sound.

Return to daily life with a new template of clarity informing our choices and how we live. Explore when we come 'into tune' naturally, creating harmony in our lives and releasing energetic blocks that have kept us disempowered, and discover how pure, simple sounds begin the journey into true joy and harmony with our natural voice. Realize that everyone has a beautiful voice.

Chris is also giving a workshop "The Healing Power of Esoteric Sound" on Tuesday, November 18.

Esoteric sound emanates the intelligence of the inner heart. Learn how to make sound from stillness and experience the joy, expansion and clarity it brings to all areas of life. Rediscover your natural healing voice, your gentle breath and all the potential it offers. The vibration of sound emanates an energetic quality and sends out information. Experience how this information is felt and received by the human body.

Discover what sound healing is and how it starts with our own inner awareness. Realize the effects our aural environment has on us. Develop the awareness to access our 'feeling' or intuitive body, returning us to our natural state of clairsentience. Release the physical, emotional and mental blocks which keep us from hearing, expressing and creating our lives in truth.

Chris' website:

Other esteemed presenters at the conference include David Hykes, Jill Purce, Richard Rudis, Don Campbell, Christine Stevens, Roxanne Daleo, Kim Atkinson, Joel Andrews, Donna Carey, Fabien Maman, Onye Onyemaechi, John & Annaliese Reid, Sue Raimond and many, many others.

"This conference in ALL respects, has been fantastic and astounding. Having the people who started the sound healing movement, gave us such a sense of history, and our place in that.

You and all of this conference's participants have made history. Congratulations. A lot of the workshops were experiential – priceless. And to have plenty of hard science as well – you covered the subject from every angle – very thorough." - Arana Kalwaic

"I don't know where to begin. There was so much that was wonderful! I learned more about music, more about healing, and came away healed and transformed. Mostly though, I was filled with the encouragement to follow my intuition, my heart, my desire, my path." - Diane McCarty

For more information, visit the Third International Sound Healing Conference.


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