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International Conference on Business and Consciousness
Video and Audio tapes are available of most of our past presenters. Click Here for On-line Shopping or Here for printable PDF Forms.

Who Presented at Previous
Business & Consciousness Conferences?

The 2003 International Conference on Business and Consciousness will be the 8th in a series of conferences that began in 1995 as The International Conference on Spirituality in Business. See the 2003 Speakers Page. Below is a listing of the people who have shared their extraordinary vision and energy to help make these popular events so enriching over the years:

Patricia Aburdene Patricia Aburdene, PhD, coauthor, Megatrends series and Reinventing the Corporation
Ray Anderson, Founder, President, CEO and Chairman of Interface (largest carpet manufacturer in the world), author, Eco-Odyssey of a CEO
Arjuna Nick Ardagh, founder, Living Essence Foundation, author, Relaxing into Clear Seeing
James Autry, former President, Meredith Magazine Group, author, Real Power and Life & Work: A Manager’s Search for Meaning
Coleman Barks, poet and translator
Richard Barrett Richard Barrett, former Values Coordinator, The World Bank, Fellow, The World Business Academy, author, Liberating the Corporate Soul
Gita Bellin Gita Bellin, McKinsey & Company
Toni Bergins Toni Bergins, Kripalu DansKinetics instructor, cofounder, DramaWorks Interactive Business Theater
Brad Blanton, PhD, founder, Center for Radical Honesty, author, Radical Honesty and Practicing Radical Honesty
Lee Bolman Lee Bolman, PhD, director, Center for Leadership Development, coauthor, Leading with Soul, Becoming a Teacher Leader and 8 other books
Jan Bradley, PhD, offers Labyrinth Walks and the Medicine Wheel Mandala to help enrich and expand the heart and consciousness. She facilitates workshops internationally, actively engaging and empowering participants, to a “one heart, one spirit” experience. Jan is a Feng Shui practitioner, ordained minister, hypnotherapist, writer, counselor, and certified labyrinth facilitator.
Don Bradley, has been in various departments of management and technical sales within the same company for over thirty years. A Penn State engineering graduate with advanced business and marketing training, he has witnessed and personally experienced the ever changing business climate, which has helped him hone in on what is really the key factor: bringing spirituality into business. Loving what you do, loving the people you’re around. He is the author of Customer Service: A Spiritual Experience.
Terry Braverman Terry Braverman, recovering standup comedian (still in recovery), corporate advisor author, When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Lighten Up!
Hal Brill, coauthor, Investing with Your Values: Making Money and Making a Difference and Investing from the Heart, cofounder, Natural Investment Services
Jan Brogniez, CEO, Perfect Customers Unlimited
Rinaldo Brutoco Rinaldo Brutoco, founder, World Business Academy, President, Red Rose Collection, chairman, Dorason Corporation
Darrell Butler Darrell Butler, Vice-President of Diversity and Whole Life, The Merck Company
Jaqueline Cambata Jaqueline Cambata, CEO, Phoenix Chemical Limited, founding trustee, World Business Academy, commissioner, Global Commission to Fund the United Nations
Susan Campbell Susan Campbell, PhD, founder, Organization Alignment Project, designer, Truth at Work interactive game, cofounder, Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution, author of five books
Jack Canfield Jack Canfield, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work and 15 other Chicken Soup for the Soul books and audio tapes
Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra, MD, author, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Path to Love, Creating Affluence, Quantum Healing and 16 other books
David Clancey David Clancey, PhD, Director, Affiliates for Critical Leadership (Australia)
Vicky Coates Vicky Coates, founder, Rennaissance Business Associates (South Africa)
Ben Cohen Ben Cohen, Cofounder and Chairman, Ben & Jerry's, founder and President, Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities
Matthew Cross Matthew Cross, Deming scholar, founder, American Credit Systems, President, Leadership Alliance
Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin, Co-founders, Center for Visionary Leadership, co-authors, Spiritual Politics, Money and a New Spiritual Economics, Applying the Laws of Energy for Corporate Success
Terry Deal, PhD, coauthor, Corporate Cultures, Leading with Soul, Reframing Organizations and 21 other books
Bill DeFoore Bill DeFoore, PhD, co-author, The New Bottom Line and Rediscovering the Soul in Business. President of the Institute for Personal and Professional Development.
Gun Denhart Gun Denhart, founder and Chairperson, Hanna Andersson Corporation
Riane Eisler Riane Eisler, Founder, Center for Partnership Studies, corporate consultant, author, The Chalice and the Blade, The Partnership Perspective: Rediscovering our Past, Reclaiming our Future, The Partnership Way: Changing the Rules of the Game
Cliff Feigenbaum, publisher, Green Money Journal, Spirituality and Money: Bringing the Worlds Together
Marilyn Ferguson, author, Aquarian Conspiracy, editor, Brain/Mind Bulletin.
Jessica Garza Fernandez Jessica Garza Fernandez, Director, Emerging Leaders International
David Firth David Firth, founder, The Lords of Misrule theatre company, author, How to Make Work Fun! and The Corporate Fool: Say the Unsayable, Do the Undoable.
Matthew Fox Matthew Fox, PhD, author, The Reinvention of Work, Passion for Creation, Work and Spirituality and 19 other books, President, University of Creation Spirituality
Robert Gass Robert Gass, EdD, President, Spring Hill Music, musical director, On Wings of Song, Chair, Greenpeace
Tom Gegax, founder, CEO, former 11Chairman and Head Coach, Tires Plus (140 store chain), "Changing The World One Tire At A Time"
Michael Gerber Michael Gerber, author, The E-Myth, Reinventing Small Business in America, The E-Myth Manager and others
Linda Groat Linda Groat, PhD, author, Giving Places Meaning
William Guillory William Guillory, PhD, author, Living Organizations - Spirituality in the Workplace and Empowerment for High Performing Organizations.
Stephen Hacker, MBA, Director, The Performance Center, coauthor, Work Miracles
John Hagelin John Hagelin, PhD, Director, Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, Natural Law Party candidate for President of the United States of America
Stacey Hall, former Senior Marketing Specialist, FedEx, author, Strategic Synchronicity: The Art of Attracting Perfect Clients
Willis Harman, PhD, Co-founder, World Business Academy
Hazel Henderson Hazel Henderson, futurist, economist, Fellow of the World Business Academy, author, Building a Win-Win World, Paradigms in Progress, and others
Gay Hendricks Gay Hendricks, PhD, coauthor, The Corporate Mystic and Conscious Loving
John Izzo John Izzo, PhD, author, Awakening Corporate Soul and Value-Shift: Winning Commitment of the New Work Force
Barry Heerman Barry Heerman, MBA, PhD, author, Building Team Spirit
Stan Herman Stan Herman, Author, The Tao at Work
Liz Herron and Aaron Kipnis Liz Herron and Aaron Kipnis, Co-founders, Gender Relations Institute, co-authors, What Men and Women Really Want, Creating Community Between Women and Men at Work, Men and Women=Creativity2
Barbara Marx Hubbard Barbara Marx Hubbard, futurist, visionary, US vice-presidential nominee, author, Conscious Evolution
Rachel Hubka Rachel Hubka, Founder and President, Rachel's Bus Company
Bill Isaacs Bill Isaacs, Director, Dialogue Project at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, founder, Dialogos, author, Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together
Dennis Jaffe Dennis Jaffe, PhD, Professor of Organizational Inquiry, Saybrook Graduate School, coauthor, Take This Work and Love It, Organizational Vision, Values and Mission and 17 other books
Jens Jerndal, MD, DSc, former Swedish diplomat, former investment consultant, property administrator and holiday resort promoter. Practitioner and teacher of holistic medicine. Involved in the property and construction business on the Canary Islands. Awarded two knighthoods.
Laurie Beth Jones Laurie Beth Jones, author, Jesus CEO
Michael Jones Michael Jones, composer, pianist, recording artist, Pianoscapes, Touch and 10 others, author, Creating an Imginative Life
Gurucharan Khalsa Gurucharan Khalsa, PhD, expert in the applied psychology of meditation and peak performance, trainer, Tony Robbins Life Mastery University
Chantal Kovach Chantal Kovach, Former CEO, Intelligent Nutrients Division of Aveda Corporation
Gregg Levoy, author, Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life
Loida Lewis, Chair and CEO, Beatrice Foods International
Kate Ludeman Kate Ludeman, coauthor, The Corporate Mystic
Ken Macher Ken Macher, President, Management Advances
Elsie Maio Elsie Maio, marketing and brand strategist
Clare Crawford-Mason, coauthor, Quality or Else! The Revolution in World Business and Thinking about Quality: Progress, Wisdom and the Deming Philosophy, producer, PBS series Quality or Else, NBC documentary If Japan Can, Why Can’t We?, 34 volume Deming Video Library, 8 volume Better Management for a Changing World, founding editor, People Magazine, winner, Peabody Award and two Emmy Awards
Suzanne Maxwell Suzanne Maxwell, coauthor, Tales From Open Space, faculty, Center for Creative Leadership
Bambi McCullough Bambi McCullough, Senior Vice-President, Sterling Bank
Robert McGregor Robert McGregor, President, Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility, author, Corporate Values in a Changing World: AWorld Standard of Ethical Business Behavior
Brooke Medicine Eagle Brooke Medicine Eagle, ceremonial leader, ecologist, author, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing
William Miller William Miller, President, Global Creativity Corporation, author, Flash of Brilliance, Quantum Quality and The Creative edge
Dan Millman Dan Millman, former world champion athlete, author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Everyday Enlightenment, The Life You Were Born To Live, and 6 other books
Ian Mitroff Ian Mitroff, author, Smart Thinking for Crazy Timesa
Richard Moss Richard Moss, MD, spiritual teacher, author, The I That is We, How Shall I Live, The Second Miracle and others
Oscar Motomura Oscar Motomura, CEO, Amana-Key, (Brazil)
Kristen Nelson Kristen Nelson, Marketing Director, Aveda
Maria Nemeth, PhD, author, The Energy of Money
Ted Nicholas, President, Nicholas Direct, Inc.
Onye Onyemaechi Onye Onyemaechi, MBA, Nigerian master drummer and dance performer, corporate counselor
Carol Orsborn Carol Orsborn, author, How Would Confucius Ask for a Raise and The Art of Resilience
Rolf Österburg, author, Corporate Renaissance
Carol Pearson Carol Pearson, PhD, President, Center on Archetypal Studies and Applications, author, The Hero Within, Awakening the Hero Within and Magic at Work
Natalie Petouhoff Natalie Petouhoff, PhD Engineering, Change Management agent with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, author, Return-on-Investment in Human Resources and The Remote is in Your Control
Brenda Rarey Brenda Rarey, MBA, accountant,
founder, Accountants for Social Measurement
Natalie Reid, President, Written Communications Consulting Firm, Making Changes
John Renesch, Publisher, New Leaders newsletter
Michael Rennie Michael Rennie, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
Anita Roddick, Founder and Chief Executive, The Body Shop
Peter Russell Peter Russell, DCS, author, The Creative Manager, The Global Brain Awakens, The White Hole in Time, The Brain Book and The Awakening Earth
Martin Rutte Martin Rutte, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work
Victor Sanchez Victor Sanchez, anti-anthropologist from Mexico, author The Toltec Path of Recapitulation: Healing Your Past to Free Your Soul and The Teachings of Don Carlos
Carol Sanford Carol Sanford, Human Systems Development theorist, educator and practitioner
Louis Savary holds a doctorate in mathematical statistics applied to the behavioral sciences and a second in spirituality. He has written, coauthored and ghostwritten over 70 books. He coauthored the breakthrough book in the self-exploration of consciousness, Passages: A Guide for Pilgrims of the Mind, and one of the first books on right and left brain learning called Mindways. For the past 20 years he has served as a management consultant and trainer, and has written course materials for the business video series, Quality or Else!
John Scherer John Scherer, author, Work and the Human Spirit
Claudine Schneider Claudine Schneider, five term US Congresswoman, Emmy Award winner, cofounder, Energia Global
Tim Schreck, MBA, PhD, former professor of Industrial Psychology and Counseling
Lance Secretan Lance Secretan, PhD International Relations, former CEO of the world’s largest employer (Manpower, Ltd.), author, Reclaiming Higher Ground: Creating Organizations that Inspire the Soul and 9 other books
Sarah Severn Sarah Severn, Global Director, Nike Environmental Action, Nike
Alfredo Sfeir-Younis Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, Vice Presidency for Europe, The World Bank, Special Representative to the United Nations
Charlotte Shelton Charlotte Shelton, PhD, author, Quantum Leaps, cofounder, WiseWork
Barbara Shipka Barbara Shipka, Board member, World Business Academy, author, Leadership in a Challenging World: A Sacred Journey
Yakov Smirnoff, famous Russian comedian
Richard Smith, Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership
Greg Steltenpohl Greg Steltenpohl, founder and Chairman, Odwalla Juice Company
Michael Stephen Michael Stephen, Chairman, Aetna International, former President and CEO, Aetna Canada
Bill Strickland Bill Strickland, President and CEO, Bidwell Training Center, cofounder, San Francisco Center for Advanced Technology and Education
Greg Tamblyn Greg Tamblyn, musician, songwriter, recording artist, Shootout at the I’m OK, You’re OK Corral and others
Luisah Teish Luisah Teish, PhD, Vice President, Association for Transpersonal Psychology, Yoruba priestess, performer, storyteller and ritual events planner
Michael and Justine Toms Michael and Justine Toms, founders, New Dimensions Radio, authors, True Work: The Sacred Dimension of Earning a Living
Paula Underwood Paula Underwood, director, The LearningWay Company, author, Who Speaks for Wolf and many other books
Jai Uttal, musician and singer
Neale Donald Walsch, author, Conversations with God and many other books
Susan Winter Ward Susan Winter Ward, yoga instructor, author, video producer, creator, Yoga for the Young at Heart
Matt Weinstein Matt Weinstein, Emperor, Playfair, author, Managing To Have Fun
Dan Whalen Dan Whalen, MBA, Founder and President, Whalen and Company
Richard Whiteley Richard Whiteley, cofounder and Vice Chairman, The Forum Corporation, author, The Customer-Driven Company, Customer-Centered Growth and ReSpiriting Work
Margaret Wheatley Margaret Wheatley, PhD, author, Leadership and The New Science and A Simpler Way, President, Berkana Institute
Judy Wicks Judy Wicks, “activist entrepreneur,” owner, White Dog Cafe, winner, Business Enterprise Trust Award
Marta Wilson, PhD, Director, The Performance Center, coauthor, Work Miracles
Fred Alan Wolf, PhD, Author, Taking the Quantum Leap
Joyce Wycoff Joyce Wycoff, MBA, founder, Innovation Network, author, Mindmapping and Transformation Thinking
Leslie Yerkes Leslie Yerkes, coauthor, 301 Ways to have Fun at Work
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1998 Business & Consciousness Conference
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Video and Audio tapes are available of most of our past presenters. Click Here for On-line Shopping or Here for printable PDF Forms.

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