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Presentation Descriptions

Keynotes and Special Events
The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and Life
(Pre-Conference, Full Day Intensive)
-Laurie Beth Jones -
In this time of rapid change in all of our lives, we also face an uncertain future. How can you align your personal vision for the future to create the very best possible outcome in your own life?

Every day we make important decisions that can move us closer to achieving our goals - or lead us further away. When you have a brief, succinct and focused statement of purpose it can be used to initiate, evaluate and refine all of life’s activities. A mission statement can be the standard to define what is true about your life, and cut away all that is false.

History has demonstrated that people or groups with carefully defined missions lead and surpass those who don’t. In The Path workshop, Laurie will provide inspiring and practical guidelines and lead you through every step of both defining and fulfilling a mission — offering you clear guidance that will make it easy to formulate your own mission statement.

Work Like Your Dog
-Matt Weinstein-
How many times have you heard people complain that they have been "working like a dog?" However, before you ever use the phrase "work like a dog" again, take a moment to think about how your own dog actually spends her days! Dogs approach their work not only with dedication, loyalty, discipline, sensitivity, and love, but also with joy, enthusiasm, happiness, and a willingness to see their work as play.

This hands-on session will teach the skills of "Managing To Have Fun." Once you bring a sense of fun and joy and celebration to your work place, you will become a more valuable manager and team member, and one who is less likely to suffer from job burnout. Yours will be a work place that is filled with joy and celebration and a resurgence of energy.

Arts and Community Economic Development
-Bill Strickland-
How can the power of creativity and the human spirit overcome the great obstacles we face regarding the issues of education and culture in our society?
This presentation will address alternative education strategies for the economically disadvantaged and make the case for national and international replication of the core idea of quality, culture and economic development being linked as a comprehensive community development strategy.

Explore the possibilities for the future by seeing what has been achieved through creative problem solving in this particular case history. You will be inspired to investigate the opportunities in your own community for replication of the ideas, values, and strategy illustrated during the presentation. Bill hopes to generate a vigorous question and answer exchange about how the program can be tailored to mirror the current needs of a given community.

Digital Soul: Spiritual Leadership
in a High-Tech World
-Patricia Aburdene-
Worldcom, Enron and the rest show us that the shadow elements of greed and fraud are bringing business face to face with its spiritual destiny and blueprint. Patricia Aburdene's presentation describes the seven simple business principles - based on qualities like faith, trust, service and love - that nurture success in healthy, honest enterprises. Drawing on examples from well-known firms like Intel, Medtronic and Starbucks, Patricia argues humanity has reached the economic turning point when there can be no innovation without consciousness and no prosperity without spiritual values.

A Better Way: Try It!
-Ray Anderson-
As Founder, Chairman, and for 28 years CEO of Interface, Inc. a billion dollar manufacturer of products for commercial and institutional interiors, and as a pioneer for sustainable development within his company, Ray commands a unique view of the case for corporate responsibility. In this presentation he shares that view beginning with his own epiphanal realization of the environmental destructiveness of the modern industrial system. He then shares this case, in the pure business terms of risk management, survival, people, process, product, place, profits, purpose, and ultimately shareholder value.

As author of Mid-Course Correction: Toward a Sustainable Enterprise - The Interface Model, Ray has shared his plan for Interface's achieving sustainability. In this presentation he discusses the core aspects of that plan, and provides a progress report on Interfaces's real life case of corporate transformation, pioneering (as he puts it): "The Next Industrial Revolution."

Spiritual Economics: From the Marketplace to the Mountain
-Victor Hunter -
Spiritual Economics builds the business case for a new community in the marketplace, and a spiritual renewal in the office. Spiritual Economics recognizes the employee as a sustainable competitive advantage and an investment priority for the CEO. Spiritual Economics opens up the work place to the value that comes from the fullness of the human experience.

Newspaper headlines reveal thousands of job losses and challenge our trust in corporate executives. Spiritual Economics is about healing, rebuilding confidence, and retaining jobs, not as a new business theory, but as a reconnection of "employees" and the "customer."

Why would we want to invest in retaining and developing our employees? Why would management find servant leadership more economically attractive than traditional governance? Why is embracing our employees' loyalty an economic sacrament? -A simple and now supportable business case which links employee loyalty to customer loyalty. Spiritual Economics raises individual fulfillment in the work place to a strategic business investment.

Let me ask you this. How would your workday change if:

  1. Employee loyalty was proven to drive productivity, customer loyalty, and profitable growth of companies?
  2. Employees were known to be a strategic advantage to the "best in class" global companies?
  3. Employees were so emotionally attached to their work that their very being was lived out in the work place?

This is not a calling for civility in the work place. This is a calling for transformation of the marketplace into a mountain top existence.

And for you, this is a noble and economically valuable calling for leadership and service - A return to the sacred individual, the sanctity of every moment of life, and yielding to the Holy Spirit - A post Christendom evolution of the "work place" into a community of believers who share love and hope, while they more successfully sell products and services.

If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules
-Cherié Carter-Scott-
If life is a game, what are the rules? We all know the feeling: In the game of life, why am I the only one who doesn't know how to play? Cherie will share her practical wisdom of the game of life so you can conquer life's challenges and manage its unpredictable ups and downs. There are no mistakes, only lessons that are repeated. She includes the lessons that can be learned from each of the rules and offers insights on self-esteem, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, ethics, compassion, humility, gratitude, and courage. Best of all, she shows that wisdom lies inside each one of us and that by putting the Ten Rules for Being Human into action we can create a more fulfilling life.

The Digital Aboriginal Experience:
A Journey Past and Future
(Special Evening Event)
-Philip and Mikela Tarlow-
Faintly at first, you hear a drum beat. Then the notes of indigenous songs emerge. Electronic music, sounds of wind and water and human voices enter your awareness. The music grows louder and images arise on the screen suggesting that the future and past, the cutting edge of the economy and the most instinctive ways of knowing arise from a similar source.

A multi-media experience takes you on a journey into the future and opens an extraordinary window on our past.

Authors and consultants Philip and Mikela Tarlow weave together a multitude of trends to describe four faces of the future: a world where no one owns the wind, the return of the storytellers, the rise of tribal mind and a model for more instinctive leadership. Although grounded in statistics, trends and sociological observation, this presentation is part theatre, part experiential, part vision. It is designed to awaken your imagination and stretch you to think differently about the future of business and far more optimistically about the direction of our culture.

If you dream of a world where imagination rules, creativity flourishes and leadership is found in each and every individual - then meet us at this intersection of business, culture and consciousness.

Truth At Work Interactive Game
(Special Networking Event)
-Susan Campbell-
A fun, interactive networking and community-building event.

This will be an evening of deep personal sharing, learning, and conversation about questions that really matter to us. In a lively, interactive format designed to build community and friendship, we will play a modified version of the team-building card game, Truth at Work. During the process, we will: answer self-revealing questions, share feedback and self-talk, create our own "wild cards," and communicate with the intent to "relate" vs to "control." The results are often profound, frequently heartwarming, always provocative, sometimes disturbing, and altogether entertaining. WARNING: Playing this game could push the limits of your comfort zone!

Community Drum Circle
(Special Evening Event)
-Arthur Hull-
The language of the drum has an ancient healing tradition that speaks through the heritage of many cultures. Participating in a drum circle is a healing experience for the hearts, minds, and bodies of many people. A community drum circle is a celebration of life through the spirit of rhythm and drumming. This is a family friendly event, accessible to all levels of rhythmical expertise (from some to none) - you do not need to be drummer to participate. Bring your favorite hand drums, and/or other hand percussion. Extra drums will be provided.

Experience the spirit of celebration in a community drum circle!

Saving the World from Whiny Victim Love Songs
(Special Evening Event)
-Greg Tamblyn-
Through songs, stories, and no small amount of humor we'll explore the mystery of connection and the magic of this moment, what Mel Brooks calls "Nowing Thyself." We'll take a funny look at how some repressive attitudes (e.g. needing to control, thinking like a victim, the tendency toward hostility) can block our creative experience and affect our relationships. We'll see how humor, forgiveness and love can be a pathway to growth through and out of these issues, and into a positive emotional state of personal empowerment. We might also do some funny songs about food. We might also solve the mystery of what happens after we die. (Warning: This will be fun).

The Labyrinth: The Still Point Solution
(Special Evening Event)
-Joe Miguez-
The labyrinth is a full body cosmology. It is about self discovery, awareness and awakening. It is a walk in the heavens. It is emptying, letting go, solitude, sacrifice, death, rebirth, creativity, realization, vision, and transformation. It is a path, a journey, and quest of self. Come walk!

Hatha Yoga
(Early Morning Sessions)
-Gail Ackerman-
The morning yoga class will focus on proper structural alignment while doing the given postures. The classes will get you in touch with your body and its ability to open and receive information about yourself. The classes will be applicable to newcomers and those who may already practice. Gail will also be available throughout the conference for private consultation. These sessions are tailored to the individuals's particular needs. This is especially helpful for any chronic problems ranging from stress to traumatic injury.

Breakout Sessions
The How-To of Business and Self:
Points and Tips on Becoming
Who You Really Are in the Business World
-Laurie Beth Jones-
Do you ever feel like you can't be yourself at work? Do you ever wish that you could have work that allowed you the full expression of who you are, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually as well? If so, this workshop is for you. Participants will learn:
  • How to identify what true success really means - to you.
  • How to focus your life purpose into a single statement of being.
  • How to identify and navigate the Creative Tension Zone.
  • Eight Action Steps which will guarantee you success-every time.

Our time together will be filled with interactive dialogue as well as true life stories about how these principles have been tested over time, and will work for you, too.

Navigating the Future: Unleashing Your Creative Mission
-Philip and Mikela Tarlow-
Managers, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life have begun to formally and informally take on the role of coaching others. We offer a unique model for coaching that allows you to link skills for accelerating your results in the world with a personal spiritual path and the transformation of consciousness.

You will be introduced to a coaching model that authors and consultants, Philip and Mikela have taught to thousands. Their program shows participants how to manifest their dreams more rapidly and discover a deeper creative focus for their life. You will learn a four stage process that can be applied to any creative problem. We will also offer ideas for continuing your personal exploration after this session. You will see how to transform your work in the world into a path for spiritual growth.

Building a Community Through Play
-Matt Weinstein-
It is one thing to read about a life of laughter and play, and it is another thing entirely to experience it in your own life. Since it takes practice to live a life of laughter and play, it makes sense to gather a sangha, a "play community," around you - playmates who can share in the joy of your practice. During this workshop we will form a play community - a group of people who gather together to support the unfurling of each other's playful nature. Play will be our common language, and play will be our common purpose. Come prepared to have some serious fun!

Building a Values-Driven Organization:
Tools for Measuring Organizational Consciousness and Aligning Personal and Organizational Values
-Richard Barrett and Cindy Wigglesworth-
In an age of increasing global and local competition, the ability of an organization to build a corporate culture that attracts and retains talented people is rapidly emerging as the most important criterion for financial success. Cultural capital has become the new frontier of competitive advantage. Executives and employees want to feel a sense of alignment between their personal values and their company's values.

Richard will describe how his organization (RBA) and the consultants who are part of the Corptools Network, are implementing cultural transformation in organizations using the model of the Seven Levels of Organizational Consciousness and the Corporate Transformation Tools to map values and measure personal and organizational consciousness. To date, the Corporate Transformation Tools have been used in over 350 companies in 22 countries.

Cindy will describe how the Corporate Transformation Tools were used to support the Methodist Health Care System (MHCS) effort to integrate their core values and create a "spiritual environment of caring." This effort resulted in MHCS becoming an international recipient of the 2002 Willis Harman Award for demonstrating commitment to Spirit At Work.

Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations: Exploring the Impact of the Evolution of Human Consciousness on Business and World Affairs
-Richard Barrett-
We are currently in the midst of a massive transformation of consciousness. Humanity is shifting from a belief system driven by self-interest to a belief system driven by the common good. Using the model of the Seven Levels of Consciousness, Richard will explain how this transformation came to arise; what is currently happening; and how the transformation will impact business and world affairs in the future.

To survive in the 21st century, organizations will need to develop an employee, customer and shareholder value proposition that focuses on employee fulfillment, ethics and social responsibility. Who you are as an organization will become significantly more important than the services you provide and products you sell. The corporate leaders of the future will have to be more spiritually evolved than the leaders of the 20th century if they are going to lead their organizations to success. Richard shows how he has adapted the Corporate Transformation Tools to measure the consciousness of organizations, schools and nations.

Sell Your Ideas Without Selling Your Soul
(or Losing Your Job): How to Persuade with Principles, Influence with Integrity, and Be Acceptably Disobedient
-Marlene Caroselli and Harriette Royer-
With headlines screaming at us daily about the ethical inadequacy of corporate governance, we need to reassess internal business practices and external communications. We also need to reconsider the words of Tom Peters: "If you have gone a whole week without being disobedient, you are doing your organization and yourself a disservice!" (Witness the courage of whistleblowers Coleen Rowley, FBI agent in the Minnesota field office, and Sherron Watkins, vice president of Enron Corporation - two women who disobeyed the corporate culture and became heroines in the process.)

In this highly interactive session, you'll acquire 20 techniques for persuasive leadership. (In the words of Ken Blanchard, "The key to leadership today is influence, not authority.") You'll leave with a better understanding of how great persuaders make their ethical convictions our own, how they transfer their passions, how they stir our souls. You'll also have an opportunity to create your own (individual and institutional) values statement, one as simple and straightforward as this from Intuit Company: "Having integrity means more to us than simply the absence of deception. It means we are completely forthright in all our dealings. We say what needs to be said, not simply what people want to hear."

The Unofficial Beatles' Guide to Corporate Values: A Magical Mystery Tour into the Currency of True Success
-Matthew Cross-
Just what are values, anyway? Why are they the leading currency and fundamental predictor of business and personal success and cultural health? How can we better define and enrich essential values in our lives and organizations?

In this highly interactive and fun presentation, Matthew uses the timeless music of The Beatles as a powerful metaphor and vehicle for exploring these and other key questions around values. Drawing on his work with leading organizations such as Bank of America, Sears and others, he will also illustrate and lead participants through a condensed Hoshin Values Compass(tm) discovery and alignment process for insight and practical application.

Entrepreneurial Manifestation: The Engine of Transformative Capitalism
-Miko Matsumura-
According to Tom Copeland in the March 2002 issue of Strategic Finance magazine, the single greatest correlate to increasing shareholder value is exceeding long-term earnings expectations. How do successful companies sustainably increase the value of their companies? By successful introduction of "game changing" new products, services and processes through acquisition or internal development.

Miko has been founder, CEO, board member, and advisor to dozens of small innovative companies. He will provide prospective entrepreneurs and Intra preneurs (innovators within larger companies) with a host of strategies and perspectives that will enable them to successfully move innovations into being. Fundamentally, the entrepreneurship process is one of manifestation - of valuing, conjuring, inviting, supporting, protecting, communicating and developing new ideas into new realities. In addition, he will address how building sustainable new business processes with integrity forms a path to meaningful work in the framework of modern business.

Operating From Higher Ground
-Kevin Lynch-
Through his long association with the socially responsible business movement, Kevin has developed methods for helping organizations improve their business results and their social performance.

His view is that the points of greatest leverage for improving business and social performance are usually aligned, but it takes a certain set of questions and discussions to uncover this fact. If an organization is willing to engage in this hard work it can operate on higher ground in every way.

Operating On Higher Ground will provide participants with an overview of the principles of social responsibility, a practical set of tools for uncovering which ones can be most potent, and some common sense ways to get started.

What's Love Got To Do With it? Turning Customer Care into Customer Loyalty
-JoAnna Brandi-
Keeping your customers and keeping them happy is essential to sustaining a healthy business; but building customer loyalty is tougher than ever. How do we create the kinds of relationships that last for a lifetime, that pay us back with feedback, positive word of mouth, referrals and more business? Customers have two sets of needs: business needs and emotional needs. Studies show that loyalty is inextricably connected to how well we serve those emotional needs. In this session learn the 21 questions you can ask yourself to create the kind of emotional attachment that will keep your customers bonded to your company for a lifetime.

Can Marketing Be Spiritual? Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes
-Carol Pearson-
You have an attitude of service and want to help the world. . . but the truth is: you still have to market to make your vision a reality. It is possible not only to enjoy the process, but also to see it has its own spiritual discipline with its own challenges and rewards. Carol begins with an overview of brands with archetypal identities-from Ivory Soap, Volkswagen, and Starbucks to Madonna, Deepak Chopra, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush - as a way to demonstrate the power of myth in marketing. After exposing the ethical pitfalls that can befall those who grasp the golden ring of an archetypal identity too lightly, she'll go on to outline ethical and responsible ways to:
  • Discover the archetypal brand identity of your product or service
  • Better understand the deep needs of your clients or customers
  • Deliver meaning as well as functional service
  • Align your public image with your inner reality

This presentation will include slides that allow you to learn from successful approaches used by celebrities, organizations, and brand-name products. It also offers how-to exercises that will allow you to revolutionize your own approach to marketing practice.

Liberating Spirit: Depth Approaches to Leadership Coaching
-Carol Pearson-
Coaching sets out to help clients develop a vision for their lives and then achieve it. More and more good coaches include a spiritual component, asking questions about values and urging clients to understand how they might serve the greater good while also following their own bliss. Yet, most coaching models fail to recognize the powerful undertow of unconscious motivations - why people say they want something and then do not do it. They also ignore or underestimate the influence of organizational and family systems on the client. Based on applied Jungian psychology and Carol's own theories, this workshop provides a step-by-step model for integrating depth and systems approaches to assisting clients in reaching their goals. In the process it introduces participants to two cutting-edge coaching instruments: the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator (PMAI) which helps identify the client's unconscious motivational stories and the Organization and Team Culture Indicator (OTCI) which discovers the stories that are being lived out in the client's workplace. Finally, the workshop will show how this approach can liberate the spirits of clients, so that they are no longer so limited by their unconscious stories and by the parts they are currently playing in their work and private lives.

Quest For Presence:
Transformational Time Management
-Joel Bennett -
A number of work place problems stem from how organizations relate to and manage time. Stress, health problems, work-life conflict, poor supervision, and poor customer service can all be traced back to an out-dated, mechanistic approach to time. This is partly due to deeply held (and unconscious) assumptions about time. For example, "Time is Money," or "Faster is Better." In this session, you will:
  1. learn an alternative, psychospiritual approach to time, and
  2. will be given a profile, describing your personal relationship to time.

You will be shown how to use materials as part of a health promotion, work place spirituality or work-life program.

America Right or Wrong
-Russell Means-
In this workshop, Russell will discuss the spiritual legacy, philosophy, traditions, magic and mystery of his people. Learn about the business and legal reforms that Russell feels are necessary to rejuvenate the political arena and bring constitutional governance, individual rights decentralization, community, fairness and empowerment to all people. He will also address the female/male balance in the universe, and you'll learn what you can do to heal Grandmother Earth as well as yourself.

The Power Path: The Shaman's Rules of Power in Business and Life
-Jose Stevens-
Shamans are highly successful professionals who have much to teach business people about alternative methods of problem solving, accumulating and storing energy, and walking the path with heart. In this workshop participants will learn ten shamanic rules of power and understand how they apply to modern business. One shamanic rule states: "The smaller the degree of separation, the greater the power available." Another one says: "Power stems from four primary sources: inspiration, simplicity, exchange, and conception." Discover how these rules apply to success in business and all aspects of life. Through lecture, experiential exercises, and questions and answers participants will explore the overlapping worlds of shamanism and business

Surfing Chaos: Six Human Capacities for Navigating Change
-Susan Campbell-
Change isn't what it used to be. People today face an unprecedented rate of change and upheaval in their workplaces. As a result, they often feel insecure and stressed to the limit. We all need a sense of control in our lives, but we are faced with a profound paradox: the more you try to exert control over the events of your life, the less in control you feel. Thus, as leaders, managers, consultants, and workers, we are being called to develop an entirely new definition of what it means to be in control if we are to thrive in the world of the future. In this workshop participants will learn about six "new human capacities" that enable them to transcend the commonly held notion of control, so they can "surf chaos" instead of trying to "manage change."

Open Space Technology: Your Burning Issues - Finding Coherence Through Mutual Learning
-Suzanne Maxwell-
This session is your opportunity to explore and create with others, topics, ideas, or events of your own choosing. Always lively, this process maximizes the passion and creativity of EVERYONE present. Used around the world from villages to board rooms it is also a powerful business tool for unleashing institutional knowledge and removing barriers to creative thinking. In a business setting Open Space Technology becomes a training ground for individuals, teams and organizations to effectively face the challenges and possibilities of this new millennium. It can also serve as a delightful way to run a conference or a meeting that will have all the energy and interactive delight of a giant coffee break.

Spirals of Spirituality, Dynamics of Change:
How Business Can Search for Its Soul While Still Making A Profit
-Don Beck-
This highly-interactive workshop will guide participants through the process of creating natural designs. Each will respond to a battery of assessment systems; examine different models of leadership, productivity, and multiple "bottom-lines," and experience the myriad of organizational cultures and their relevance in various contexts. They will learn about the "Windows Wall," ways to map "The lay of the land," and the importance of Vital Signs Monitors. See complex theory come alive in real world applications.

Negaholics: How to Overcome Challenges
in the Workplace and Prosper
-Cherie Carter-Scott-
  • Do you ever back out of a job opportunity because you're afraid that you might not be up to the challenge?
  • Do you ever convince yourself not to try something new because you don't want to fail or look stupid?
  • When asked, "What do you want?" do you frequently answer, "I don't know"?

Negaholism is a term coined by Cherie to describe a very common condition - the addiction to negativity and self-doubt that afflicts many people in varying degrees. Learn how to develop awareness, move through blocks and identify the traps of negativism. Cherie will show you how to move out of a nega-attack and into solutions.

This presentation will include a PowerPoint display.

Increase the Good Stuff: A Conversation about Creativity, Productivity and Altruism
-Barbara Waugh-
How do we increase the good stuff? Come talk with the author of The Soul in the Computer: the Story of a Corporate Revolutionary. Barbara will share some of the tools she and her friends invented and discovered before and during her 20 years at Hewlett Packard, tools that increase the good stuff, at every level of scale: personal, corporate and global. Then we will explore together the application of these tools to the real-time dilemmas facing us in the room.

Putting the Soul Back into the Corporate Body
-John Demartini-
If you feel like your corporation has lost the clarity of its Vision, Inspiration and Purpose (VIP) then there are certainly good reasons why it may not be exploding as productively and profitably as you desire. But what could provide your corporation with such a surge of VIP? John claims it's your life giving "Corporate Soul." Your corporate soul is the why behind all the hows of your corporation. When your why is big enough your hows will take care of themselves. It is your corporate soul with its VIP that supplies the why to your corporate body.

John's unique and practical approach to revitalizing corporations will help you recapture the magic of your corporate soul along with its enthusiastic spirit. When you write a letter, the letter flows almost flawlessly from your mind when you are grateful and inspired. So too, when you lead your corporation, your management flows almost flawlessly when you are in such a dynamic state. Efficient and effective management takes place when your corporate soul is put back into your corporate body. John has brought such rejuvenation to some unvitalized companies that they have literally said that he has raised them from the dead.

Managing Your Sales Here and Now:
How to Maximize Your Sales Potential
by Being in the Moment
-Amir Kfir-
Success is related to the depth of one's connection with oneself, with one's unlimited fountain of capabilities and richness and the resulting enhancement of one's connections with others around. The resulting state of mind associated with this process of becoming more and more aware of self and others, has been defined by Emir's "Sense of Presence." The different techniques that can be used to heighten it are referred to as "Sense of Presence enhancement techniques."Training salespeople in the Sense of Presence enhancement disciplines has shown positive organizational results.

On-the-job training for salespeople has traditionally comprised technical knowledge of the products or services offered by their company. Sales skills such as presenting product or service, dealing with objections, and closing skills.

This was focus on the "doing" level, yet a transformation needs to occur at the "being" level - teaching people to be more in touch with themselves, their thoughts, feelings and emotions. It encourages participants to be aware of what is occurring around them and to increase their ability to pick up the infinite number of clues that exist in the moment, by being totally in tune with themselves and others.

It is about allowing people to realize that being preoccupied with the future, planning and preparing for the uncontrollable, or continuously engaging in an internal dialogue in an attempt to understand what has already occurred in the past, inhibits their ability to gain insight into the event taking place at the moment.

Six Sense of Presence enhancement processes have been developed.

The first category belong to the "intrapersonal" domain, that of the "inner self." On the individual level, there are three types of actions that one needs to perform on the way to enhanced Sense of Presence: centering actions (through specific breathing exercises for instance), tapping into one's energy potential and goal focusing (through visualization exercises).

Intrapersonal variables, on the other hand, deal with the individual's energy toward the external world and are aimed at consolidating intrapersonal interactions. The three processes represent the basis for intrapersonal interactions: deep-breathing episodes as milestones in an interaction, active listening and purposeful looking.

The results of these actions have helped companies improve their performance in the areas of sales and management.

Video and Audio tapes are available of most presentations.
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