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Layne Redmond

Layne Redmond
has created a healing form of rhythmic and drumming exercises which draws upon her years of studying hatha yoga and pranayama breathing practices, Buddhist meditation, Ericksonian hypnosis, and percussion techniques from the Middle East, North Africa and India.  The ancient Mediterranean cultures knew the frame drum as one of the most sacred and oldest of ritual instruments.  

She is the author of When The Drummers Were Women and Chakra Meditation.  Her healing CDs include Chanting the Chakras, Chakra Breathing Meditations, Heart Chakra Meditations, Trance Union, The Wave of Bliss and Invoking the Muse.  For the past decade, she has been intensively researching and piecing together the pre-Christian traditions of frame drumming in religious and healing rituals.  Played predominantly by women with their bare hands, this powerful trance-inducing instrument was used in the religious rites of many priestesses.

Pre-Conference All Day Workshop: The Rhythmic Path of Self-Transformation: Introduction to the Healing Power of the Frame Drum.

The first sound we hear is the pulse of our mother's blood; drumming is the musical expression of this primal truth. The frame drum is the oldest known drum traditionally played by priestesses in transformative religious rites in the ancient Mediterranean world.  You will gather in a circle, focusing on the power behind the rhythms, the Pulse, to connect to the energies of the sun and the earth and their own bodies. Learn a synthesis of drumming techniques from India, the Middle East and Brazil and the relationships of the sound of the strokes to the elemental energies of earth, water, fire and air, along with the healing practices associated with the frame drum. Frame drums provided or bring your own.

Goal:  To expose you to the primal truth of the drum as a healer.

Learning Objectives:

  • To bring together ancient indigenous rhythms with our innate experience in the womb,
  • Learn basic drumming techniques from around the world, and
  • Experience sound healing and practices of the frame drum.
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Keynote: The Healing power of The First Sound, Rhythm and Trance

It is an ancient thought that rhythmic sound is at the root of all creation, that matter is structured by sound and that life is rhythm. In India the influence of rhythm and tuning on consciousness has been explored for thousands of years and is considered a form of yoga -- Nada Yoga. The primary concept of nada yoga is that ultimate reality emanates from a primordial first sound, the pulse, or big bang that creates the universe. The frequencies of this root vibration create our physical world. As human beings, we are also emanations of this vibration and subject to the laws of sound. This archetypal pulse of consciousness vibrates within us as the sound of our own heart beating.  

The sound of the drum has represented this primordial pulse of creation since the beginning of human ritual. All drumming echoes this cosmic beat along with the first sound we hear in the womb--the pulse of our mother's blood. Our bodies and consciousness took form to this sound. This powerful sound draws us back to our earliest stirrings of awareness and is why drumming has been used in shamanistic, religious, and transformative rites since Paleolithic times. The power of rhythmic sound returns us to the pre-socialized, unconditioned and balanced state of awareness we experienced in the womb. 

This is a multi media presentation, with slides, video clips and performance on frame drums.  The core of the presentation will be participatory group rhythmic meditations providing experiential comprehension of the concepts in the lecture.

Workshop: Ancient Tools of the Bee Priestess

The drumming and breathing practices in this workshop are based on the ancient bee goddess and the seven realms of consciousness of the chakras. The Indian goddess, Kundalini, manifests as a queen bee who awakens within us as a buzz of ascending consciousness.  The Bee Priestesses, known as the Melissae in Greek and the Deborahs in Hebrew, served the Bee Goddesses Aphrodite, Artemis, Demeter, Cybele and Neith by playing the frame drum, the world's oldest known drum. 

We'll learn the basics of frame drumming, sacred mantras associated with the chakras and the breathing exercises based on the bee's breath. These practices synchronize, energize and calm the mind/body, creating conditions for psychological and physical healing. 

Frame drums will be provided or bring your own. No previous experience necessary. 

Goal: To learn the healing ways of the bee priestess. 

Learning Objectives:

· Learn the history of the bee goddess,

· Learn the bee’s breath through rhythm, breathing and mantra, and

· Experience the movement and healing in your body.

Morning Class: Chakra Breathing and Walking Meditation.

Increase Bodily Energy, Mental Clarity and Relieve Stress Through the Practice of Rhythmic Chakra Breathing 

Rhythmic breathing is an ancient technology used to heal the split between mind and body and merge our consciousness with our highest spiritual self.    Breathing in and out rhythmically and slowly in time to the pulse of the drum soothes and rebalances the mind, energizes the body. As the mind is transformed the body is transformed, for the body is the physical expression of our state of mind.  As our minds and body unify we move more fully into our fullest selves.

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