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Thanks for your inquiry about being a presenter at one of our international consciousness conferences. We know you are a busy person so we don’t have a long application to fill out.


  • Indicate which conference your proposal is for.
  • The title(s) of your presentation(s) and preferred length of time (1-3 hours).
  • A one or two paragraph description of presentation(s) for the conference program (half page maximum). Participants at these conferences like to know what learning modalities will be used, ( i.e., lecture, experiential, case study, participative, discussion group, panel, exercises, question and answer time, etc.). So that your session may be considered for CEs and CMEs. Include in your description:
  • A one line bio.
  • A one paragraph bio (for the program). Samples of descriptions and bios are included here. Please send us any supplementary materials about yourself and your organization. It is helpful for us to receive books, tapes, videos, press kits, etc. If your proposal is chosen, we will contact you with an invitation to present. Not all of these invitations are sent out immediately. We go through the proposals many times looking for qualities to fill a specific need. Due to the number of proposals we receive, we are not able to notify people on an individual basis if not chosen.

Thank you again for your interest! We look forward to working with you to continue creating future extraordinary events.

Please send your proposal to our Speaker and Program Coordinator at: [email protected]

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    Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos Michio Kaku

    There is a contradiction between Buddhist cosmology, in which Nirvana is timeless and has no beginning or end, and the Judeo-Christian idea of Genesis. Either the universe had a beginning, or it didn't. But recent developments in physics have given us a beautiful melding of the two.

    Many physicists today believe in the multiverse, i.e.Genesis is constantly taking place in a timeless ocean of Nirvana, creating Big Bangs even as you read this sentence.

    Physicists are also spending millions of dollars trying to prove the existence of these parallel worlds, some of them perhaps in your living room, hovering  inches above our universe.

    What might these universes look like? Can "clones" of us exist in these parallel worlds? Can we travel to these worlds? Dr. Michio Kaku, internationally recognized theoretical physicst and author of Parallel Worlds and Hyperspace, gives a spellbinding lecture for the beginner about these revolutionary developments.

    Goal: To familiarize the audience with the concept of higher dimensions, the multiverse, and experiments to confirm the multiverse theory.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Learn the fundamentals of cosmology.
    • Learn about the Big Freeze and the death of the universe, and how we may eventually escape the universe.
    • Learn about Einstein's dream of a theory which can allow us to "read the mind of God."

    The Art of Letting Go Peter Russell
    The essential wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions might be summed in two words: Let Go. To find true freedom, we need to let go of our fears, judgments, assumptions and attachments. These are all creations of the mind; they have no independent existence. So why do we hold on to them? How can we let go? Peter will explore the challenges of letting go.  What is it we really want? And why aren't we getting it? How can we step behind the thinking mind to subtler levels of consciousness? What does it take to be more in the present moment? How can we listen better to the still quiet voice within?

    Learning Objectives:
    • Learn how to relax the mind.
    • Learn how to access one's own inner wisdom.
    • Practice being in the present.

    Medicine for the Earth Sandra Ingerman
    Sandra contends that we can reverse environmental and personal toxins through the use of spiritual methods.

    Sandra researched miracles from shamanic cultures, Bible, Kabbalah and various Taoist, Hindu, yogic, alchemical and Egyptian works. She will share key principles used to heal our environment. Sandra will share her experimental research working with polluted water, soil and food. She will also talk about her collaborative effort with the University of Michigan School of Integrative Medicine to see the effects of her work on the human body.

    Sandra will teach simple spiritual practices to transform negative states of consciousness. We will perform a healing ceremony to tap into our divine nature for the purpose of personal and planetary healing.

    Goal: To show participants how the spiritual work we do effects our own health as well as the health of the planet.

    Learning Objectives:
    • How to transform negative states of consciousness,
    • How to use the power of words to create a different world, and
    • How to find your own inner light to heal yourself and the environment.

    Blood Lightning: The Mayan Energy System Barbara Tedlock
    We are beings of energy, moved by the energy of others, our environment, and the cosmos. Mayan knowledge of bodily energy and the way it is connected to environmental and cosmic energy will be taught in this workshop. The body will be monitored and mapped so that participants can explore a set of simple yet powerful techniques for cultivating and strengthening their vital energy to receive knowledge and engage in healing. They will learn to recognize "blood lightning" (koyopa) within their bodies in order to enhance it and connect it with the cosmic energy residing within "sheet lightning" (koyopa). This ancient feminine tradition, embodied within a 260-day human gestation calendar, insists that mind exists simultaneously inside and outside the body, and that the awakened body is the primary organ of knowledge, intuition, and wisdom.

    Goal: Discover that your body is an alive, electric energy body connected to the natural world.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Learn the Mayan view of the subtle body energy field,
    • Discover gender differences of this living Mayan system, and
    • Explore the connection between your dream state and your waking life.

    Music, Sex and Chocolate: Finding Balance in an Over-Stimulated World Joshua Leeds
    Music and sound are essentials of life - similar to air, water, food, and the process of inter-relating. When living a conscious life, essentials require discernment and awareness of consequence. Music, Sex and Chocolate is an inquiry into the intentional use of sound.

    Humans hear sound from 18 weeks in utero until after the heartbeat stops. Sound, like other essentials, is so ubiquitous that we usually take it for granted.

    Many of us binge on music - using sound as sonic caffeine, as a habitual companion. However, recent European research confirms that the constant intake of sound actually contributes to over-stimulation of the nervous system, weakened immune function, and diminished concentration and focus.

    Joshua explores auditive cognition, the craving of sound for emotional distraction, music hunger as addiction, and the necessity of a cultural paradigm shift in sonic awareness.

    To explore the effect of sensory over-stimulation in 21st century America and understand the role of sound and music in finding balance.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Demonstrate the effects of over stimulation of sound,
    • Identify different types of music, and
    • Prescribe the right use of music to balance these effects.

    The Power of "Belief" in Crosscultural Sound Healing Methods Pat Moffitt Cook
    Each culture constructs explanatory systems to understand and deal with disease and suffering. Through the ages, people from a wide array of circumstances and cultures have scientifically and systematically employed melodic chant, songs, musical instruments and the manipulation of musical elements (rhythm, melody, overtones, polyphony, heterophony, timbres, tempos, dynamics) as tools and remedies for diagnosing and treating physical, mental and spiritual illnesses. Success in alleviating pain and suffering, assisting in the dying process, and stimulating self-possession and reconciliation with a supreme creative being has motivated ancient and contemporary societies and their healers to continue employing musical healing methods within their local healing practices.  This presentation explores the element of belief as an energetic agent in traditional and contemporary crosscultural sound therapies and music healing practices.

    This presentation explores the element of "belief" as an energetic "agent" in traditional and contemporary crosscultural sound therapies and music healing practices.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Learn about sound healing methods of other cultures,
    • Consider belief as an energetic agent in sound healing, and
    • Examine crosscultural psycho-social and spiritual components that promote and enhance sound healing sessions.

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      Huston Smith, PhD
      Huston is Professor of Religion and Professor of Philosophy at Syracuse University. Most recently, he served as Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He was featured in Bill Moyers’ 1996 five-part PBS series, The Wisdom of Faith with Huston Smith. His eight books include The World’s Religions, The Illustrated World’s Religions, Forgotten Truth, Beyond the Post-Modern Mind, and One Nation Under God: The Triumph of the Native American Church.

      Peter Russell, DCS
      Peter is the author of The Brain Book, The Global Brain Awakens, The Creative Manager, and Waking Up In Time. He was a student of the famous Stephen Hawking at the University of Cambridge. As a respected scientist, scholar, visionary and futurist, Peter has continued to explore the potentials of human consciousness, balancing knowledge of Western science with his acquired Eastern wisdom.

      William Guillory, PhD
      Bill made an extraordinary decision to give up a career in teaching and research in chemical physics and laser technology at the peak of his career for one involving personal and organizational transformation. He describes it as a switch from molecules to people. At that time, he was chair of the Chemistry Department at the University of Utah. Bill is a physical chemist of international renown, having authored over 100 articles and several books on the application of lasers in chemistry. He has created comprehensive programs in quantum-thinking, creativity and innovation. He is the author of several books on personal transformation: Realizations, It’s All an Illusion, Destined to Succeed, The Guides and Living Organizations: Spirituality in the Workplace.

      Rob Ward
      Rob currently serves as Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Communications for Synovus Financial Corporation. Synovus is a multi-financial services company with more than $13 billion in assets. Synovus was named as the best company to work for in America in 1999 by Fortune magazine.

      Patricia Aburdene, PhD
      A best-selling author and international speaker, Patricia coauthored two number one best-sellers, Megatrends and Megatrends 2000, as well as Reinventing the Corporation and Megatrends for Women. She has lectured throughout the world. As a public policy Fellow at Radcliffe College, Cambridge, she explored emerging leadership models. In recent years, she has synthesized her personal spiritual work with ongoing business studies. The result is her latest book, Digital Soul: Spiritual Lessons from High Tech/High Values Companies.

      Judy Wicks
      Judy Wicks is founder and owner of the White Dog Cafe, best known for blending food, fun and social activism and for its commitment to organic and humane farming.

      While a successful business with annual sales of $4.8 million, the Cafe's mission is one of service. Recognized as a leader in the movement for socially responsible business, Judy has won numerous awards, including the Business Enterprise Trust award for creative leadership in combining sound business management with social vision. Judy is Chair of the Social Venture Network, a national organization of entrepreneurs committed to economic justice and environmental sustainability. She is coauthor of The White Dog Cafe Cookbook: Multicultural Recipes and Tales of Adventure from Philadelphia’s Revolutionary Restaurant.    

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