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Onye Onyemaechi
Onye Onyemaechi

Onye Onyemaechi, is internationally known for his healing, teaching and music, Onye guides individuals to a deeper understanding of their Self through the Grace of God. His worldwide ministry of music, prayer and healing takes him to various communities, faiths and  organizations. Onye Onyemaechi is an African Christian Mystic, healer, and spiritual visionary. He was born into a family that continues the ancient mystical traditions of African Christian practices. 

Onye is a rare human being and a truly gifted soul. He has a profound capacity for seeing into ordinary reality and discovering what is needed to bring healing, growth, and transformation to various situations, be it personal, professional, spiritual, educational, multi-cultural, etc. (As above, so below). Combining practical wisdom, along with his enormous capacity to channel divine love, his energy expands time and space, altering and enhancing what once was, creating a new energetic framework for dynamic intentions and results. Does one need to believe in "the divine" or be mystically inclined to benefit from Onye's excellent services? Not necessarily!  

Onye is the founder of Village Rhythms and founder of Ancient Ministries Center for Healing and Miracles whose program offer spiritual tools and intuitive consulting for practical insights to help individuals find purpose and meaning to life and the realization of their life legacy.  Onye brings the soul of African Culture to create and teach a blend of the best of traditional culture and modern life styles to individuals, organizations and the world. Onye is recognized as a pioneer in using music, rhythms and dance to bring diverse communities together and as a tool for personal and societal healing.

Onye's music and dance artistry has electrified audiences for over thirty years. His training and consulting have improved hundreds of lives and organizations. In addition, Onye is a celebrated recording artist both as performer, producer and composer. His music ministries offered globally celebrate music as healing and unification. Onye also has a world wide private practice in Spiritual healing, prophetic insights and ceremonial celebrations.

Special Eventing Event: The Village Rhythm Experience
Sunday, November 11
Ballroom   8:00 pm to 10:00 pm 

Feel the joyous pulse of hypnotic rhythms, the spirit of drumming, singing and dancing with this African master drummer, performer and recording artist. This participatory event promotes physical, mental and emotional health, self-expression, and building community. 

Workshop: The Healing Rhythm: From Self-Discovery to Wellness
Monday, November 12
Ballroom, 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Feel the joyous pulse of hypnotic rhythms, the spirit of drumming, singing and dancing with this African master drummer, performer and recording artist. This participatory event promotes physical, mental and emotional health, self-expression, and building communityBallroom  2:00pm to 4:30pm

Come experience how healing rhythms can help soothe and heal the mind, body and emotions. Drumming and movement are time-tested ways to clear away stress, anxiety and fears and can even be used to work on specific points on the body to release energy blockages. They can incorporate prayer, enhance health, and promote healing and empowerment. Join African spiritual healer, master drummer and teacher Onye Onyemaechi, as he introduces how rhythms of drumming can help us let go sadness, fear and overcome depression for life changing celebrations. Onye teaches us to use spiritual healing practices of the drum, centered on self-discovery through group drumming and dancing, and on the sharing of insights to help us deepen our spiritual understanding and build healing communities. 

You will discover how to combine music and prayer, songs and dances to awaken the body and soul as well as to address specific mental or physical conditions. Explore a range of traditional healing practices. Drumming can help people, including health professionals and caregivers, to cultivate harmony, cooperation and enhanced self-awareness in themselves and their patients. 

Join a highly experienced teacher who has been a spiritual advisor to countless people over 30 years and who combines the best of ancient tradition with the newest body-mind therapeutic techniques to discover the extraordinary power of the healing drums. 

Bring your djembe or conga drum and/or other percussion instruments if you have any and wear loose and comfortable clothing! 

Goal:  To integrate the ancient wisdom of rhythms into modern society using a comprehensive healing method of drumming for wellness, improving our conditions and attitudes and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Learn basic techniques and compositions with emphasis on the spiritual and
    healing components of rhythms and trance states and their influences on our
    everyday lives,    
  • You can drum alone and together to experience the healing qualities of sound
    healing, and
  • Introduces an African perspective to rhythmic healing music with reference to the language of the drum ¾ its subtleness, complexity and simplicity, sensibility and sensitivity.

 Together, we draw upon our inherited knowledge to tell our stories, express, communicate and extend love and kindness toward each other and the world.

 Note:  This workshop is  recommended for everyone  especially those whose professions involve high stress levels or are caregivers and become "burned out."


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