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MichelAngelo, MFA,CTM, is an opera singer, classical composer, pianist, astrologer and writer, MichelAngelo has served as co-developer/instructor of advanced Acutonics curriculum with its creator, Donna Carey. He co-authored the forthcoming advanced level textbook, From Galaxies to Cells. As Acutonics Director of Musical Studies, MichelAngelo brings to bear his 30 years of experience as a professional classical musician, including the instruction of Western Classical music theory at the university level. 

Director of Astrological Medicine & Musical Studies for the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC.

MichelAngelo has performed as a leading tenor on several continents. He has composed over 120 classical art songs, has recorded a CD, The Weather of the Heart, with Ms. Wakefield, and is her collaborator (as composer, accompanist and co-vocalist) on Chakras in a Trunk. Michelangelo holds a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance and attended the Academy of Vocal Arts.

Co-author, Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine (2008)

Workshop:  Facial Soundscapes:  Harmonic Renewal: A Tuning Fork Facial
Sunday, November 11
Santa Fe Room, 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm 

There is increasing interest on the part of the general public in sound healing, paralleled by an overwhelming concern upon the part of the Baby Boomer demographic to reconfigure the “face” of aging, seeking alternatives to the all-pervasive paradigm of cosmetic surgery. 

This innovative modality, based upon the theories and practice of Oriental medicine, will introduce the participants to a non-invasive, gentle, hands-on vibrational healing treatment that is both constitutional and cosmo-esthetic, in that the transformational planetary energies of these particular tuning forks will likewise be used to harmonize the facial landscape. Contributing to more “healthy” aging. The session will culminate with a demonstration treatment by the instructors, incorporating a topical herbal protocol, including the application of jade rollers to the face. 

Explore, through the lecture and slide presentation, the constituents of music theory – intervals and harmony – as relevant to sound medicine. There will be discussion and participation in recognizing musical overtones and voicing the various musical intervals employed in the treatments. Mary and MichelAngelo bring a unique perspective informed by their collective 40 + years of experience as music professionals, performers and teachers.

 Learn the proper techniques for resonating the tuning forks and placing them upon the body, and in particular, those specialized techniques they have devised to address the facial terrain. This will be followed by a full demonstration of the Facial Soundscapes treatment protocol, and will be accompanied by a slide show. Charts and handouts will also be distributed to the participants.


You will receive exposure to a cutting-edge vibrational protocol that may be used to harmonize constitutional imbalances that, in addition to impacting general health, may manifest in the facial landscape.

Learning Objectives: 

  • To introduce a holistic perspective on beauty informed by the precepts of Oriental medicine, in particular as they are expressed through the vibrational treatment strategy of Facial Soundscapes
  • To gain knowledge of the connections between constitutional disharmony and premature aging, and how best to address these issues in a constitutional facial treatment, and 
  • To acquire a rudimentary familiarity with the intervallic constituents and planetary archetypes of the Acutonics tuning forks employed in this treatment, and the techniques involved in their application. 

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