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Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern composer, recording artist, author, sound healer,  workshop leader and researcher. Through his recordings, writings and media appearances, Halpern has been a seminal force in bringing the concept of sound healing and intentionally-composed therapeutic music to the mainstream.

With Chakra Suite, his debut release in l975, Steven launched a 'quiet revolution' in modern instrumental music that has touched the lives of millions, and inspired and influenced many other artists. Halpern's unique orchestration of tone, space, and Silence has enabled millions to reconnect with their spiritual essence and experience greater levels of inner peace and well-being.  Listening to his recordings, one is instantly transported to a realm of beauty and serenity as a demonstrable result of the higher order subtle energy field coherence that occurs naturally. 

In l971, Halpern began his landmark research exploring sound, consciousness and healing, using brainwave biofeedback, GSR and Kirlian photography, working with legendary scientists like Dr. Marcel Vogel, Itzhak Bentov and Dr. Andrija Puharich.The extraordinarily positive and profound test results encouraged him to devote his life to sharing his musical breakthroughs with the public. Since then, he has continued to expand the boundaries of modern sound healing with over 70 recordings, many of which incorporate ancient shamanic healing traditions with modern sound technology. 

His books, Tuning the Human Instrument and Sound Health, were the first to bring the foundational sound healing research of Dr. Hans Jenny and Dr. Peter Guy Manners to American audiences. He continues to share his perspective, insights and expertise with an ever-growing population interesting in harnessing the healing powers of sound and music in their own lives. His latest albums, Initiation: Inside The Great Pyramid, Peace of Mind, In the OM Zone and Drum Spirit, are further evidence of a master musician/healer at the top of his field.

Inner Peace Music

Special Evening Event: Interactive Healing Concert for Inner and Outer Peace

Coming out of semi-retirement, master musician and pioneering sound healer Steven Halpern will channel healing energies to create an uplifting and transformative event. Performing on grand piano, synth, flute, Tibetan singing bowls and voice, he'll create the space for us to resonate and entrain to the higher harmonics of love and light.  Attendees often  experience healings at his concerts, and this evening should be no exception 

The program will include a chakra-healing meditation based on his award-winning CHAKRA SUITE, as well as meditation recorded LIVE Inside the Great Pyramid. 

Bring your medicine drum, shaker and voice to immerse yourself in the Om Zone as we chant to deepen the resonance and entrainment to Source. 

Workshop: Tuning in to Your Muse: Learning to Play ‘In the Zone’

Because music is a carrier wave for consciousness, it is essential that musicians develop their ability to compose and play from a stress-free place of peace if they desire to create healing music. Building upon 40 years of teaching, performing and recording, including his earlier experience as a high energy jazz-rock trumpet player and R&B guitar and bass player, Steven will guide you thru a cross-cultural exploration of altered states and music throughout the world.  You will deepen your understanding of resonance, entrainment, intention and 'playing in the zone.’ 

Over 40 years ago, Steven Halpern had a visionary experience meditating among giant redwoods that initiated him into a 'ministry of healing music.’ that launched a 'quiet revolution' in modern music.  He has always acknownleded that his composing and recording is, in fact, a co-creative process in which he aligns and attunes with angelic and other higher-dimensional intelligences.   In this informative and entertaining program, Steven shares his insights to help you deepen your own creative process. Specific psycho-physical, rhythmic and harmonic techniques will help you access whole brain coherence and alpha/ theta brainwaves states to help you enter 'the flow' and take your music to a higher level. 

Goal:  Participants will experience heightened levels of creativity in their artistic process.  

Learning Objectives:
· Enhance their ability to tap into brainstates conducive to greater creativity,
· Discover insights into your individual modes of expression and creativity, and
· Learn how to compose and perform music from 'the gap', the space between    thoughts.

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