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Eliana Gilad
Eliana Gilad

Eliana Gilad is an internationally recognized composer of healing music, a peace activist, an author, and founder of the Voices of Eden Healing Music and Peace Center in the Galilee, Israel. As an expert in the conscious use of voice and rhythm as natural healing instruments, a practice that goes back to ancient matriarchal times, her unique wordless music has been medically researched in the neonatal ward of Meir Hospital, where physicians discovered that it lowers blood pressure and heart rate. It also increases focus and quality of sleep. Gilad applied her music for conflict, stress, and trauma.during the Israel-Hezbollah War. 

Her music has been recognized for providing a peaceful bridge between the Jewish and Arab populations of Israel as it bypasses spoken language and speaks to the heart. 

At the Voices of Eden Healing Music and Peace Center,  Gilad teaches  Sacred Healing Music,  an eight-week course for individuals and groups that is based on the five elements of her approach.  Healing music programs  for the public health  are also provided. Additional  programs  address the symptoms of posttraumatic stress in both the Jewish and Arab communities of northern Israel. 

Feature articles and reviews of Gilad’s work have appeared in Drummer,  Nordic Music Therapy Journal,  BBC,  Jewish Journal,  Jerusalem Post,  Parent and Child (Israel), L’Isha (Israel), Chayim Aherim (Israel), Global Rhythm and  Inspirational Stories from the Holy Land.  

Gilad holds a degree in Near Eastern Studies  and Eastern Classical Music from Bar-Ilan University. 

Gilad has written, Rhythms of the Natural Voice Workbook and  Quiet in the Eye of the Storm: Living Peace in a War Zone.  

Gilad has produced four musical albums: Noam: Healing Lullaby Music; Bible, Beatles & Beyond;  Voices of Eden Music for Inner Peace;  and Voices of Eden Live.

WORKSHOP: Quiet in the Eye of the Storm: Ancient Healing & Transformational Music for Inner Calm

Santa Fe Room, Monday, November 12
10:45am to 12noon 

Since ancient matriarchal times, voice and rhythm have been used as natural healing instruments. This experiential workshop includes five simple yet potent elements enabling you to heal and remain in tune with universal harmony. These elements help you to achieve inner calm, even amongst chaos.

Learning objectives:

  • Balancing polarities of body, mind, and spirit using an ancient Hebrew vocal meditation based upon the essence of Kabbalah – Sacred Divine Feminine energy.
  • Learning and integrating five-element healing chants scientifically proven to induce relaxation and focus.
  • Creating uplifting energy for yourself and those with whom you come into contact.


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