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Barbara Crowe
Barbara Crowe, MMT, MT-BC

Barbara Crowe is a full professor of music and Director of Music Therapy at Arizona State University. She also has a Masters of Music in Music Therapy (August, 1975) from Michigan State University. She has clinical work experience at the Neuropsychiatric Institute working with emotionally disturbed adolescents.

Barbara is also author of Music and Soulmaking: Toward a New Theory of Music Therapy, Implications of Technology in Music Therapy Practice, Best Practice in Music Therapy: Utilizing Group Percussion Strategies, Shamanism and Music Therapy: Ancient Healing Techniques in Modern Practice.

 Professor Crowe’s personal research agenda includes the historical antecedents of current Music Therapy practice (including shamanic practices) and the newly emerging sound healing and subtle energy practices. She served on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Music, Health, and Education and is an interview subject on the video, Of Sound Mind and Body.

 Professor Crowe has been very active in the American Music Therapy Association (formerly the President of the National Association for Music Therapy) over the last twenty-five years. During her tenure as president, NAMT participated in a hearing before the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging entitled Forever Young: Music and Aging and contributed written testimony to the official hearing record. She served as Chair of the Unification Task Force on Education and Clinical Training, which revised and rewrote the educational standards for music therapists in the United States. She has been awarded the AMTA Award of Merit for distinguished service to and promotion of the profession of music therapy.

 Professor Crowe served as Executive Director of the non-profit organization, Rhythm for Life from its inception. This organization was a unique coalition of Music Therapists, professional drummers and percussionists, and the music products industry. It promoted Rhythm-Based Music Therapy interventions and community drum circles for the elderly, at-risk youth, individuals in drug and alcohol treatment, and prison inmates.

Workshop: Music Therapy: Music as an Applied Healing Force
La Terraza Room   10:45am to 12 noon
Friday, November 9, 2007

The profession of music therapy has been in existence for over 50 years. Music therapy techniques and interventions are applied to a wide range of clients with diverse health problems and functioning difficulties. This presentation overviews  the characteristics of music (the organization of sound and silence for the purpose of human expression) that makes it an effective tool for healing and therapy. In particular,  music is explored as a complex system in motion that impacts the complex systems of human functioning. Principles of complexity science will be presented as it relates to processes observed in music therapy practice. Examples from music therapy practice in the four main areas of human functioning – body, mind, emotion,  and spirit are presented.  Demonstrations included.


  • To introduce the techniques of music therapy,
  • To investigate the impact of music on four areas of human functioning, and
  • To explore music as a complex system in motion meeting the criteria for the principles of complexity science.

  Learning objectives:

  • Be able to articulate how music generates emotions and how this can be used in mental health services for clients,
  • Be able to define music and the music therapy process from the perspective of the principles of complexity science,  and
  • Be able to define music therapy and distinguish this intervention from other sound healing techniques.


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