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James D'Angelo

James has had a varied career in music as a pianist, organist, composer, lecturer, author and workshop leader. Formerly a professor of music within the City University of New York, he emigrated to where he taught at the University of London. Informed by his study of Indian philsophy, self-actualizing psychology, breathwork and overtoning, his practice of meditation and sacred Sufi movements and his initiation into Reiki, he established therapuetic sound courses in England and later on the European continent for the purpose of self-realization.

He is the author of Healing With The Voice. He has presented at many events such as the Findhorn Foundation's Visionary Voices conference (Scotland), two Caduceus sound healing symposiums (London) and the Healing Sounds Festival (Brighton). He continues to present classical and jazz concerts. As a composer, his Three Portraits of Krishna have been recorded on Virgin Classics.

The Healing Power of the Human Voice
The resonating power of the voice, used therapeutically, is a form of Sound Yoga which stimulates, releases and balances the fine energies of the chakra system which nourish spirit, mind and body. It also has the capacity to re-tune the many frequencies of the subtle and physical bodies that leads to wholeness. In this program various forms of toning in relation to vowels and consonants are explored, natural sounds ritualized for emotional cleansing and mantras intoned for the subtle body. All of the voice rituals will be accompanied by simple movements in the manner of Chi Kung to encourage and direct the sounds. The practice of inner directed sound will be experienced as a form of meditation that can unlock a person's primordial pulses. No previous experience is necessary, only an intent for self-transformation.

To present the various forms of voice work as a natural form of both preventative and curative vibrational medicine that affects all levels - spiritual, subtle and physical - and thus to empower the participants to take up voice work as a practice for their well-being.

Learning Objectives:
• To use the vocal and breath mechanisms to produce the fullest, resonating sound possible,
• To understand the relationship between the vocal sounds produced and the energy system known as the charkas,
• To be able to stimulate, release and balance the fine energies of the subtle bodies and relieve stress from the organs, and
• To use the techniques as a tool for meditation whereby the vibrations become refined leading to deeper states of consciousness.

Monday, November 13, 2006
Ballroom 2:00pm to 3:30pm and 4:00pm to 5:30pm

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