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Medicine Story Manitonquat

He was co-founder of the Tribal Healing Council, and a member of the North American Indian Spiritual Unity Movement.  A counselor and teacher of counseling, he lectures widely on justice, peace, the environment, conscious evolution and creating a truly human society.  He delivered the keynote speech at a United Nations gathering on non-violence honoring Mahatma Gandhi.

Manitonquat is the director of the Mettanokit Prisoner Programs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, a teacher and advisor to the Nature School, and together with his wife, the Swedish actress and playwright Ellika Lindén, creates international family camps in many countries to give the experience of tribal living, working, playing, sharing everything and taking care of the children and elders together.

Workshop: Forgotten Instructions: Healing the Human Situation on Earth
Sunday, January 24 - 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

For the past 40 years, Manitonquat, now in his 80th year, has been going wherever he is invited, as directed by his elders, to share their teachings with the world.  They saw that human beings had forgotten their Original Instructions in conquering the native peoples who continued to follow them.  Sadly, the elders saw these instructions being lost to their own people and that the dominant culture was blindly destroying the world.  Manitonquat has a vision of how we can change that culture and shares the methods he has developed by which we can achieve a truly human, healthy and just world.

Goal: To share and teach methods which provide humans a more healthy and just world.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn three essential instructions to use for your own growth and happiness,
  • Learn five instructions for changing the oppressive systems that are now entrenched in society, and
  • Learn the best way to help and teach others in order to change the course of this civilization before it's too late.

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