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Stanley Krippner
Stanley Krippner

Stanley Krippner, PhD

Stanley is a scholar in the field of parapsychology and consciousness studies.  He is director at the Center for Consciousness Studies and served as president at the Association for Humanistic Psychology and Parapsychology Association. He is acclaimed for his explorations of anomalous experiences, his work on behalf of indigenous people, their cultures and healing systems. His work on children’s nightmares as sequelae to wartime trauma is one of several topics in his book, The Psychological Effects of War Trauma on Civilians: An International Perspective. Krippner’s archives include over 1,000 monographs, articles, books and book reviews. He supervised projects in dream research and experiments where the data is presented in a variety of publications and conventions. Stanley is coauthor of many books including Healing States; The Realms of Healing; Spiritual Dimensions of Healing: From Tribal Shamanism to Contemporary Health; Becoming Psychic: Spiritual Lessons for Focusing Your Hidden Abilities; Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them; The Mythic Path; Dreamworking: How to Use Your Dreams for Creative Problem-Solving; Future Science: Life Energies and the Physics of Paranormal Phenomena, editor, Dreamtime and Dreamwork: Decoding the Language of the Night and Dreamscaping: New Techniques for Understanding Yourself.

Workshop: The Inner Shaman of Dream Time
Monday, January 25 - 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm & 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

You are provided the skills that enhance your personal growth and wellbeing. We begin with discussing the role played by myth in shamanism, because indigenous shamans were and are the custodians of their society's myths. Shamans are socially designated practitioners who enter into "altered states of consciousness" to obtain insights, information and power not available to their peers, and to share these resources with their community. You are taken on guided imagery exercises to acquaint you with your own "inner shaman" -- a resource available in dreams, imagination, and other "altered states" that can assist self-healing, spiritual development and capacity for love and compassion.

Indigenous shamans transmit cultural myths. The "inner shaman" deals with personal myths, those rational and irrational belief systems that guide people's behavior and construct their worldview, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. You will also experience how to modify or transform irrational beliefs, while reinforcing positive beliefs and engage in imagery rehearsal that helps implement your new personal mythology.

Goal: To provide skills enhancing personal growth and well-being.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the myths and technologies underlying core shamanism,
  • To use these technologies to enhance identification of personal myths, and
  • To learn skills that help maintain and reinforce positive personal myths and
    revise or discard negative personal myths.

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