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Char Tara
Char Tara

Char Tara

Char Tara’s WaveDancz Transformative Movement System evolved out of her own self-healing practice encompassing yoga, breath work, theater, voice, dance and psychology. WaveDancz is presented in classes, workshops and customized sessions. Trained as a movement and vocal artist, Char Tara expressed her spontaneity as a roving mime. Her artistic career included being a professional jewelry and polymer clay designer.

Special Program: WaveDancz
Saturday, November 15-Tuesday November 18 - Ballroom   7:30 am to 8:15 am

WaveDancz Transformative Movement is a healing modality that coordinates yoga, dance, mental focus and vocalization. Char Tara evolved this “dance on the waves of life” through her love of music, celebratory rituals and youthfulness.

Char Tara will lead this morning warm-up class and present the WaveDancz Foundational Principles:

  • WaveBreath Technique
  • Use of Sound and Movement to Direct Prana/Energy
  • Spinal and Chakra Alignment
  • Development of Strength and Flexibility
  • Expression of Rhythm to Release Inertia
  • Coordination of Listening, Movement and Voice
  • Activation of the Relaxation Response
  • Energy and The Principle of Pleasure.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a towel or exercise mat. Presented with passion, respect, depth and playfulness!

Register me for the 2008 Sound Healing Conference

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