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Note: This page will be updated as information for this conference is available. Click Here to see the corresponding page from the 2009 conference

The Twelth International Conference on Science and Consciousness

The exploration of consciousness remains the new frontier of scientific inquiry. Physicists, medical researchers, psychologists, anthropologists, shamans, healers, meditators have all experienced phenomena which cannot be explained under the old scientific paradigm.

This conference brings together a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the field of consciousness who will share their knowledge through lecture, discussion and experiential sessions.

At some point in history, a split occurred and we ended up with Science and Religion. Science limited its study to the material world and the Church took charge of the metaphysical realms. Now, with science studying consciousness, we are ready to reintegrate Spirituality and Science. In 1999 we launched the first International Conference on Science and Consciousness, and this unique conference continues as a forum for the exploration of consciousness from both the scientific and spiritual perspectives.
Delegation of Shamans from Mongolia including Chief Shaman Zorigbaatar Banzar.

Intense conversation takes place among leading thinkers Russell Targ, physicist and co-founder Stanford University's Remote Viewing Program, Matthew Gilbert, Editor of Institute of Noetic Science's magazine Shift, and James O'Dea
Jeffrey Mishlove, President of the Intuition Network and host of Public Television’s “Thinking Allowed” said, “There has been a tendency for conferences that have the name science in the title to be very much in the head, and to have a kind of competitive edge, which scientists often have. But this event was very whole, very heart-centered and very much needed by our culture at this time.”

Our host facility for this amazing event is the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort near Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Richard Moss
Author of The I That Is We and The Mandala of Being, Richard Moss engages in conversation with one of the attendees.
Dan Millman
Tommy Henderson with Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior


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