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International Conference on Sacred Sexuality

International Conference on Shamanism

International Sound Healing Conference

International Conference on Science and Consciousness

International Conference on Sacred Sexuality
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Caroline Muir and Charles Muir

Caroline and Charles Muir at their Keynote Address: Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving

Margot Anand and Nicki Scully

Margot Anand and Nicki Scully at Conference

Margot Anand

Margot Anand presents: The Secret Keys to the Ultimate Love Life

Andrew Harvey and Ali McGraw

Andrew Harvey chatting with conference attendee Actress Ali McGraw

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey presents: Sexual Liberation, Tantra and Sacred Activism

Ali Mcgraw

Conference attendee Actress Ali McGraw

Greg Tamblyn

Greg Tamblyn - Conference Weaver and MC.

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The International Conference on Shamanism
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Nicki Scully

Nicki Scully presents: Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt

Mongolian Shamans - Zorigbaatar Banzar

Delegation of Shamans from Mongolia including Chief Shaman Zorigbaatar Banzar.

Hank Wesselman

Hank Wesselman acknowledges his Kahuna Teacher

Greg Tamblyn and James Berry

Greg Tamblyn Conference Weaver and MC with Message Company founder James Berry

White Eagle Medicine Woman with Grandmother Drum

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International Conference on Sound Healing
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Fabien Maman Fabien Maman Ensemble Pat Moffitt Cook

Fabien Maman, a presenter from France, offers the World Premier of his Ensemble at a Special Evening Event Pat Moffitt Cook takes us on a tour of indigenous sound healers

Two attendees practicing during a break

Don Campbell

Don Campbell wrapping-up his book signing session


Some attendees bring their own instruments

Joshua Leeds

Joshua Leeds mesmerizes a packed audience

John Diamond

John Diamond, MD, demonstrating the role the unconscious plays in the healing power of music

Sharry Edwards

Presenter Sharry Edwards being interviewed for radio

Jacotte Chollet

Jacotte Chollet, a presenter from France, chats with an attendee

Don Campbell, Silvia Nakkach, Christine Stevens

Three presenters: Don Campbell, Silvia Nakkach and Christine Stevens


Kids are welcomed to our conferences. Inspire Children Early


Some happy Sound Healing presenters

La Fonda Hotel Restaurant

Restaurant at the La Fonda Hotel, Our host facility


Conference Book Store A very popular place

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Some of the Sound Healing Conference Exhibitors

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Wolfgang Deinert Lorler

Barbara Holden being tuned by Wolfgang Deinert Lorler in the Tama-Do Sound Pyramid

Vibro Acoustic Table

An Opportunity to check out the latest Sound Healing technologies such as this VibroAcoustic Tactile Therapy Sound Massage Table

Astarius Reiki-Om

Astarius Reiki-Om plays healing didgeridoo on attendee

Ingrid Bung

Ingrid Bung plays a flute she made

Crystal Tones

Crystal Tones Singing Bowl being demonstrated


Sianna Heart seeing her voice on the Cymascope

Lorian Harps

Raphael Weisman tunes one of the Lorian Harps he's built

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International Conference on Science and Consciousness
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John Demartini discusses Unconscious Motives

John Demartini with Message Company staff members Barbara Holden and Bonnie McGahee

Larry Dossey in his keynote: The Spectrum of Health: Thinking Unthinkable Things

Richard Moss describes The Mandala of Being

View from La Fonda Hotel, La Terraza Room balcony

Mongolian Shaman
Zorigtbaatar Banzar

John Diamond in workshop Accessing the Healing Power of the Unconscious Mind to Relieve Our Deepest Anguish

David Abram in keynote Earth and Mind


Keynote Address

Packed house during Norm Shealy's keynote The Consciouseness of Health and Longevity

James O'Dea in a spirited dialog during his workshop: Science, Peace and Transformation

Marta Williams instructs participants on how to communicate with animals and nature

Judith Orloff has a dialog with an attendee during her keynote: Discovering Your Intuitive Gifts in Everyday Life

Christine Page in her workshop: The Alchemy of Healing

Dean Radin and John Diamond in discussion during coffee/tea break

Huston Smith

Huston Smith workshop: The Human Spirit in the Third Millenium: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Russell TargRussell Targ has an informal Q&A with attendees after his workshop: The Observer Observed: Spiritual Inplications of Psychic Abilities Amit Goswami

Amit Goswami discusses Quantum Creativity and Healing

Mathew Cross, Martin Gray, Michael Hopp

Mathew Cross, Martin Gray, Michael Hopp

Peter Russell

Peter Russell
captivates full house with his Keynote

Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern explains how plants respond to different kinds of music

Dale Pond - Atlin

Dale Pond's Atlin A free energy device

Click here to go to The 2008 International Science and Consciousness Conference


Attendee listens to plants response to touch

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