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Ron Shane, PhD
Currently, Dr. Shane is a post-doc research scholar working in the field of neuroendocrinology and psychology. He is also codirector of a cosmedical spa where he is a medical consultant in endocrinology, non surgical body sculpturing and skin rejuvenation. Ron has done post-doctoral training in renaissance mysticism, neurobiology, neuroscience, western medicine, neuroendocrinology and cross-cultural shamanism. He is a certified master of Kundalini Yoga and an international instructor and fifth degree black belt of Tae Kwon Do. He was a former college strength and fitness coach. He is the author of Art of Energy, The Mystical Erotic, The Neurobiology of Consciousness, The Wind Power, The Zen of Love, Blake's Mythic Conception and other books and articles on martial arts, Taoism, Esoteric Yoga, cross training regimes, western integrative medicine, endocrinology, neuroscience, optimal health and tantric yoga. Ron has focused his career on aesthetically, physiologically and mystically enhancing one's body and essence.

Monique Lasky
Monique is a Physician Assistant, Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant, tantric yoga and wicca practitioner and is codirector of a medical spa. This super mystical athletic woman has been a triathlete, gymnast, dancer, body builder and is currently working towards her black belt in the martial arts. She is an experienced practitioner of tantric and kundalini yoga. Monique works with Ron Shane during seminars on the emergence of a woman's higher erotic empassionment. She is an expert in sports medicine and body aesthetics and has considerable knowledge in nutrition, energy work, as well as ways to motivate others to optimize their health and well- being. The focus of her work as a lifestyle consultant, sexual therapist and body artist is to motivate, encourage and provide others with an enhanced sense of optimal wellness and transcendent pleasurability

Tuesday, January 24
The Intriguing Art of the Feminine Mystical Sexual Enchantress
- Ron Shane and Monique Lasky -
New Mexico Rom 2:00pm to 4:00pm

For thousands of years, the transcendent female possessed the ability to magnificently enhance and ecstatically intoxicate her masculine partner's furtive nature through the higher erotic arts.

The following topics are explored and experienced in this program:
1. Centering your naval meridian into the earth (increasing the Tao of your lower energy).

2. Maximizing your body's physiological strength through dance, weight training, flexibility work, diet, nirvanic calming, and the running of sprints.

3. Sensuous energy work with your partner, which involves the opening of the various chakras and chi channels.

4. Higher erotic dancing to electrify the body's primal empassionment.

5. Optimizing your body's hormonal erotic power.

6. Tantric sexuality and the neurobiology of pleasure.

7. Overthrowing your puritanical 21st century Super-Ego, which enables you to unleash your central nervous system's evocative passions.

8. Acquiring the fundamental aspects of the mystical erotic/tantric sexuality.

9. Comprehending the Zen of love, which is the ecstatic blending with your lover's mystical essence.

This program blends didactic discourse with experiential modalities so you can feel changes in your body's higher energy dynamics. You will experience releasing energy into the earth, enhancing primordial fervor, increasing the delight emanating from your emotional/spiritual essence, connecting your sex meridian with the mental eye, and invoking the fiery beauty of the crown chakra.