Ashley Rowan and Lydia Myakota-Rowan

Meeting in the Soviet Union at the First International Unity in Yoga Conference in 1990, Ashley and Lydia began a journey to synthesize spirit-body arts to further bridge East and West in the form of inner-realization.

Ashley began yoga study in 1976 with Sivananda, Kundalini and Vipassana meditation techniques. Teaching since 1984, he became certified in White Lotus Flow Yoga, a series of moving postures, and studied asanas and pranayama with B.K.S. Iyengar in India. He also has a teaching background in tai chi and chi gong. He appreciates the metaphorical styles of gaia-based teachings and scientific principles to bring balance to different body personalities. Ashley produced a video titled Affinity Yoga: A Feeling For All of Life, and has international teaching experience in India, the Soviet Union and Mexico. He was recently inducted into the holy order of the Siddhas Lineage.

Lydia was professor of Psychology at Moscow State University and began core study groups in Theosophy and esoteric knowledge while extensively practicing yoga, qi gong, massage, dolphin behavior, and geology and archeology. Lydia synthesizes body-awareness techniques with intuitive-mapping, counseling, spirit-quest coaching, qi gong, tai-chi and yoga. She has practiced qi-gong with masters Mantak Chia in Thailand, Xue Ming Tang in China, as well as Dr. Xue Shi Wang and Ken Cohen.

Morning Classes Yoga and the Focus of Consciousness
-Ashley Rowan and Lydia Myakota-Rowan-
Ballroom 7:30am to 8:15am
Experience sacred postures (wholeness), breathing ratios, and sound through the uniqueness of who you are, and how that effortlessly streamlines with others to create a magnified effect of consciousness.

"Talking postures" allows an inner dialogue to come to your conscious mind from the intelligent history of the Bodymind. There will be movement as well as still postures that speak to you, allowing the earth and heavens to meet within. The fertile ground of experiencing dynamic as well as easy postures prepares you for the day non exhaustively, and allows the focus of consciousness to call within.

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