Onye Onyemaechi

Onye ia a man of God, African Christian Mystic, Healer and Spiritual visionary, was born into a family that continues the ancient mystical traditions of African Christian prophesy.

Through the Holy Spirit, Onye helps each individual establish their own foundation and personal relationship with their Divinity. His ministry of music, prayer and healing takes him to various communities, religious groups and spiritual organizations in many countries. The Spirit guides him to help individuals to experience Divine healing powers, prophecy and sanctification.

Onye is the foundering Director of Ancient Ministries and Village Rhythms whose programs offer spiritual tools and intuitive consulting for practical insights to help individuals find purpose and meaning to life and the realization of their life legacy.

Onye also has a worldwide private practice as a certified massage therapist and registered polarity practitioner. In addition, Onye is a celebrated recording artist both as performer, producer and composer. His music ministries offered globally celebrate music as healing and unification.

Sunday, April 23
Spiritual Healing Experience and Self Discovery through Divine Revelations
-Onye Onyemaechi-
Ballroom 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Indigenous cultures all over the world have practiced and followed the ancient mystical ways of healing using various natural and spiritual approaches. In the African Christian community, once the cause of illness is established, the anointed healer or minister will use a combination of modalities including prayer, medicinal herbs and fasting as directed by the Holy Spirit through ceremonial blessings. The person and the entire extended family participate in the healing experience as everyone in the congregation and the community is involved with the health of the individual.

In this program you will learn how African Christian mysticism can help you heal your life through spiritual healing practices and emotional release. Your life will have deeper meaning and purpose as you will be empowered to uncover impressions of past memories and personal histories allowing you to dispel unwanted belief systems and removing blockages to your highest good. You will work individually and as a group, transcending into the unchartered world of rhythms, prayers, chanting, and breathe allowing your body and soul to awaken to its highest potential by opening up to the receptivity of Divine Love and the practice of unconditional forgiveness and surrender.

Benefits of Workshop:
* Stress relief, release of anxiety and fear
* Mastery of prayer
* Unconditional forgiveness, surrender and love
* Building faith, hope and love
* Removing old beliefs and replacing with new beliefs
* Transforming negative attitudes
* Life purpose, clarity and goal attainment
* Reduce resistance to change
* Unlock potential to happiness
* Celebrate and mourn grief and loss
* Healing through music, dance and movement

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to workshop for centering. Workshop will begin on time. As a matter of respect for attendees, once door is closed, no one will be allowed to enter. Thank you.

Note: This workshop is recommended for all spiritual beings having a human experience, but especially for those who serve as health care and healing professionals as well as those who careers involves high levels of stress. Bring a djembe or conga drum or other percussion instruments; wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Monday, April 24
The Village Rhythm Experience
-Onye Onyemaechi-
Ballroom 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Feel the joyous pulse of hypnotic, rhythmic, drumming, singing and and movement with this African master drummer and dancer. This participatory event promotes physical, mental and emotional health, self-expression, and building community.

You are invited to bring drums and/or percussion, and musical instuments and join in. Providing an atmosphere of trust and fun, this event offers a peak experience that bonds all that share it.

CEs Available:

This conference is approved for CEUs through the National Board of Certified Counselors.

We can also issue you a Certificate of Attendance for submitting to other Boards.

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