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Divorce Yourself: The National No–Fault Divorce Kit


Sitarz, Daniel

Divorce Yourself: The National No–Fault Divorce Kit



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Divorce doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or painful. Everything that you will need to successfully prepare a legal divorce settlement agreement is included in this book. In step-by-step fashion, you are shown how to use the agreement you prepare to obtain a divorce in your own state without the expense of hiring an attorney. Included are checklists, questionnaires, worksheets, and easy-to-use forms that have been carefully prepared by an experienced lawyer. This easy-to-understand guide also provides a detailed explanation of the divorce laws of every state and Washington D.C.

All the details of your divorce will be covered, including:
• division of your personal property and real estate
• provisions for alimony and maintenance
• division of your bills and other obligations
• the income tax consequences on your divorce
• child custody and visitation provisions
• child support arrangements
• restoring a former name
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Nova Publishing Co., Carondale, IL.

United States

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