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Resources - Spirituality in the Workplace
News and information to show and support the growing trend toward conscious business practices throughout the world.

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Start a Local Discussion Group on Spirituality in the Workplace
  • Have a pot-luck dinner
  • Begin with a reading from inspirational literature
  • Open with a prayer from someone’s spiritual tradition
  • Spend a few minutes in silent meditation

Basic principles for an opening ritual that marks the time and place as sacred and spiritual:

  • It should help people to center and feel part of the group
  • It should delineate this time and place from normal daily activity
  • It should not infringe upon anyone’s spiritual or religious beliefs
  • It should be an invitation for Spirit to be expressed in the group 8/98

Religious Classes in Workplace
Some companies are permitting company conference rooms to be used for religious classes organized by their employees. Examples include Torah classes at Microsoft, Islamic study groups at Intel, Bible study lunches at Northrup Grumman, and Torah, Bible and Koran study groups at Boeing. One organization estimates that there are almost 10,000 Christian study groups alone in the workplace, double the number that existed 10 years ago. 2/98

Grants Fund Spirituality in Healthcare
The National Institute for Healthcare Research and the John Templeton Foundation have recently given eight schools a grant of $25,000 each to fund courses on the role of spirituality and religion in health care. The schools offering these classes are Loyola University, Morehouse School of Medicine, Brown University, Georgetown University, Oregon Health Sciences University, University of Chicago and the University of Rochester. 10/97

Study Explores Contemplative Disciplines at Work
A recent survey funded by the Fetzer Institute and the Nathan Cummings Foundation explores the extent to which meditative/contemplative practices are used in organizations to support and enhance the effectiveness of work and organizational life.

Questionnaires, in-person and phone interviews were used to determine whether a change in practice is in fact taking place within organizations.

The study focuses on contemplative and spiritual disciplines used privately, at work and practiced with others in the workplace. One of the seven major conclusions is “individual functioning at work is improved by using contemplative disciplines.”

Copies of both the summary article and the full research article are available from the High Tor Alliance by calling (914) 426-1293. 8/97

University Launches Center Focusing on Spirituality in the Workplace
Dr. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D., President of the University of Santa Monica, and Richard Barrett, internationally acclaimed keynote speaker and seminar leader on corporate transformation, have joined forces in the emerging arena of spirituality in the workplace and are announcing the formation of the USM International Center for Organizational Transformation (ICOT). ICOT is structured as a division within the University of Santa Monica and provides consultation and education offerings for business leaders. These offerings will not only present information regarding what’s involved in organizational transformation, but will also provide the personal transformation skills necessary for leaders to take positive action - a powerful combination.

ICOT’s mission is to assist leaders in building visionary organizations which actualize human potential through personal and organizational transformation. ICOT’s vision is successful organizations worldwide that nurture the human spirit.

For more information about ICOT, its offerings and consulting services, you can call the University of Santa Monica at (310) 829-7402. 6/97

Chicken Soup Groups Formed in Many Companies
The bestselling book, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, has led to an easy and enriching way to have a discussion with co-workers about values, heart, soul and spirit at work. People love telling stories. This book can be used as a catalyst for creating a sense of unity in the workplace, providing models for positive change, and enhancing creativity.

For a free guide on how to form a Chicken Soup Group in your organization, visit the Spirituality in the Workplace website, or call 505-466-1512 or fax 505-466-1514. 6/97

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